What should be known about FPOS 1.10.1 Update - downgrade Amaze

With the Update 1.10.1 of FairphoneOS, Fairphone introduces a new version of the file manager Amaze. This Version 3.1.1 has always been broken, sadly, and I could not downgrade Amaze to Version 3.0.1.
The problem, however, is that Amaze 3.1.1 will create bad copies when copying files that are not very small. Just copy a big file from your internal storage to an external SD card and let Amaze calculate the MD5 checksum of the original file and of the copy. (This can be achieved by opening the properties of the file and wait a little.) Other copying than internal => external may be affected, too. I had that Problem when updating Amaze on earlier FPOS releases using F-Droid. I had to downgrade again. I had that bug back after updating FPOS to version 1.10.1.
Here is what I tried to downgrade Amaze again, but die not work. Download the earlier Amaze Version and install it. You find it on F-Droid’s site: https://f-droid.org/repo/com.amaze.filemanager_29.apk
Also downgrading within F-Droid App die not work. Uninstall via settings->Apps is not possible.
Greatings, let’s find a solution…

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