What Qualcomm chipset does the FP2 actually have?

The official store website lists an “Qualcomm® MSM8974AB”.
Wikipedia lists an “Qualcomm MSM8974AB-AB”
And the phone itself says “Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA”.

According to this “Breakdown” (see below) there are 3 models of the Snapdragon 801 where you can see, that the AB variant has better specs than the AA variant. Can someone clarify which model of the chipset is actually used in the phone?


No clue, just wondering: What does:

$ adb shell cat /proc/cpuinfo

tell you? Most of the time there is not really a big difference and “features” are switched on/off with firmware after the chips are checked for their stability while running under higher frequency.

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It shows “Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA”.

This can still be wrong but this is as close as you can get without opening it all up.

The rom as far as I understand it, comes with support (dtp/zImage) for all the “different” variants. So it would work will them all. It looks like your kernel has detected your chip as an “Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA” so I guess that’s what’s in your phone right now, or what the kernel thinks is inside. So it will only use its “features”. Maybe the ODM sometimes uses different variants based on availability/prototypes? Just a wild guess.

But I think the small differences do not really matter much and maybe it is an AB anyway.

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CPU-Z calls the chip MSM8974PRO-AB and lists 2.27GHz CPU frequency and 578MHz GPU frequency on my FP2. According to the specification sheet that should be the AB one.

CPU-Z lists the PRO-AA version for me… weird.

CPU-Z lists PRO-AB for me as well.

Edit: Don’t know if it matters/makes a difference, but I also run FP Open OS 16.06

MSM8974PRO-AA here as well

Edit: FP Open OS 16.06, if that’s useful

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What maximum GPU speed do people with the “AA” version see? Mine was 578MHz in CPU-Z like the AB version should have. I would be surprised if Fairphone ships chips with different clock speeds in “the same” phone.

578MHz too with the PRO-AA version in Kernel Adiutor (F-Droid)

578MHz with the MSM8974PRO-AB! FP Open OS 16.06 Just found in the overal Settings, About Phone, Processor info

The AB’s GPU clockspeed. This chip works just like an AB, I don’t think you have to care about the branding. With large hardware manufacturers (very well possible in companies as large as Qualcomm) branding is often the job of the marketing department, and hardware developers may be unaware of rebrands of their chips. Rebrands are quite common in the production of desktop GPU’s (both AMD and NVIDIA), the reasons for rebranding are generally not publicly known. I won’t be surprised if it happens with other types of chips too.

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