What is the exact model number of the Female Jack connector (headphone connector)?


I fucked up my jack female plug (headphone plug) on my fairphone, and looking at it, I can clearly unsolder it, and put a new one in place.

I would just need the exact model so that I can buy it and replace it !

Anyone knows the exact model / dimensions for the female Jack connector ?

I know about this topic:

Which has one, but it’s not the exact one.
Anyone knows the exact one ?


Have you contacted support about this? It is a very specific question and I think they may be more able to help you with this question.

I did not, I though I’ll try the common knowledge of human brains first ^^
I’ll shoot them an email !

Also, this info should be public !

Yeah it should. However most people will buy a new mainboard instead of soldering the headphone jack.

I think the link above with the Sony Xperia L headphone jack is the only common knowledge the community can offer… :wink:

So, I am fairly certain that the connector is that one:


Anyone with connexions to suppliers >< Because it is not online anywhere XD

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The easiest and cheapest option might be to get a used or broken mainboard and reuse the part you need. If you think you are able to solder it onto the mainboard, then you should also be able to remove it from the old mainboard.

Finding an old mainboard might be easier than getting the spare part if it is not available online.


Fairphone support might be able to provide you with a broken main board.

Thanks, that is a great idea indeed !
I contacted support to see what they say about it !

Any chance you guys know of someone with a broken Motherboard ? ^^

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There were some posts with broken phones / phones as spare parts repository here:

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