What is slowing FP1 down so much?

Several report slowing down or late response from FP1 (it happens with my phone).

Do we know what causing it? Is it a software or hardware fault?

If it’s software related will a possible update fix the problem?

Is it related to the android version? Is there a chance to have an official update to 4.4 or 5.1 for FP1?

Thanks for your thoughts…

Can you add any sources?

My guess is that a two year old system necessarily slows down (every computer does 2 years after first use). Computers collect a lot of files over the time, but often don’t dispose of them, if they are not used anymore. My FP1 also is slowing down and I’m thinking about a hard reset when I have more time (e.g. in February).

I’m using FP1 Google-free. I cannot say, that my phone is slowing down.

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When was the last time you did a hard reset?

I think while doing the partition upgrade.

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The Storage Upgrade must have come in August 2014, so 1,5 years ago. I think I also did my last hard reset back then. I stayed Google free after the Storage Upgrade, but I do experience a slow down of the phone, when calling someone (the calling screen comes up only after some seconds).

No particular sources only the impression I got from reading this forum…

Will there be any update anytime soon or we’ll be “forgotten” now that the FP2 is out?

I’m really looking forward to a new update…

Same here… so I guess I’ll have to do this hard reset sooner or later… I don’t want to but I will… :grin:

Good wordplay for German-speaking users.
Because: “I don’t want to” = “Ich will nicht”.

Just to jump on this, I’m getting general slow behaviour (particularly on e.g. switching between apps have white screen for 5s, power button sometimes doesn’t turn screen on etc). Any tips beyond a hard reset?

I’m using google heavily and not keen to do things like root/remove google etc, just want a phone that works smoothly!

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