What does this system ui message mean?

I’ve seen the message a few times, but last night at 06:30 is the first time I’ve gotten the full volume default alarm that continues until dismissed. The actual alarm screen had text which I didn’t quite read in my sleep, but something regarding temperature and an error id in the form “height_usb_ntc_xxx”. The phone had been plugged in 5 hours at that point with the cable securely connected. I speculate the alarm may have come 10-20 minutes after the System UI notification, based on when I remember being woken.

Also just found this related thread with a screenshot showing the alarm message with even more impressive English, although missing the error id I saw: Error Message - "Height USB NTC Temperature"

Hello everybody,
This also happen with my FP4. I bought it last october and this message showed up 3 times since then. And the message comes with an unbelievable loud and annoying alarm sound which scare myself and my wife out of bed everytime. She is very very jumpy and everytime she almost gets a heartattack.
But it is impossible to turn the sound of.
Yes of course I started to not load the phone at night, but sometimes I just forget it and have to do so, otherwise I do not have a morning alert for wake up.
If anyone has a solution on this, it would be very appreciated.
I use the official fast charge cable and adapter from fairphone. I purchased it together with the phone.

I’d like to chime in to keep some momentum on this topic. I recently got a Fairphone 4 and this week also experienced this notification (only once so far). It woke me up at 5 in the morning by this incredibly loud notification - despite the “Do not disturb” mode being active! As others already mentioned, not the best experience. Thus I’d be quite grateful for this to be fixed (as I unfortunately need to rely on charging the phone over night, suboptimal for the battery as it is).

Hi everyone,

I just had the exact same issue last night ( at 04:00) and neither me nor my wife were very happy that it happened.

My phone also was in “do not disturb” mode and on the charger.

I just made a support ticket, hoping it helps FairPhone to find a cause and solution.

All the best for now,


I have had this happen too a few times, it usually happens when I charge my phone with my rather low-quality USB powerbank. The powerbank I use gets very warm when I plug a cable into it for a while, so maybe the error message is a warning that notifies the user that some thermal sensor that’s part of OTG capabilities(?) has crossed a threshold and that the phone stopped charging to prevent overheating? It only happens on my powerbank, not on my wall adapter or any other power source.

I have had this message appear once or twice about two months ago too. Weirdly it hasn’t happened since, so I didn’t think much about it until I stumbled across this thread. I will advise if the message appears again and pay closer attention to the exact circumstances.

This happened to me at 1:30 am with the loud alarm while in No Disturb. Please do something FP.

Phone, cable and charger were all at room temperature.

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If you want FP to do something, please contactsupport and give them the details mentioned above and link to this forum thread.

I did exactly that and their solution is, surprise, surprise, to buy a new charger and cable. Even when they work perfectly.

I haven’t had the alarm again but I do still occasionally get the “Please reinsert the USB” message and rarely I’ll also find the media volume has been bumped to 100%.

I had the EXACT same thing happen today! And I just checked after i read wof’s comment and it’s the same here: media volume bumped up to 100 %

Just happened to me too. Both the loud alert in the night and then the poorly punctuated systemui notification. Has anyone had any message back from fairphone other than don’t charge at night (which is ridiculous as every phone I’ve ever owned was fine with that)

I’ve seen this notification a few times while charging, never had a loud alarm though. Just now it occurred while I was watching a video on YouTube. The video sound weirdly faded out and then it was paused. I saw a dialogue box flash up and disappear within fractions of a second. Afterwards I found the notification in the drawer. The phone was fast-charging at around 50 % and kept on charging uninterrupted and unimpressed by the message. I believe I have once seen it while I was looking at AccuBattery (a battery monitoring app) and it appeared to coincide with a rather high temporary spike in battery voltage.