Error Message - "Height USB NTC Temperature"

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, my fairphone got wet a few days ago. I did everything I could to dry it without causing any damages. I changed the display and the USB port, but I still get this error message with a very loud and annoying sound. The picture is attached.

Can you please help me to solve that issue?

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Hi Eric and welcome to the forum.

This looks like a pretty low-level problem. For an explanation of Negative Temperature Coefficient you can read up here, but it probably won’t be of immediate use.

Does this happen when charging the phone or when it gets a bit hot?

I would think you’ll need to get advice from official Support. See contactsupport

Did you follow advice in the forum’s waterwiki ?

Thanks for your answer.

The error message comes when I plug in the charging cable.
I get an error message plus sound and it still charges…

I also wrote an email to the support,

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FYI and you might want to pass this on to Support, this message and the loud annoying noise has been equated or associated with another one that’s been waking people up at night.

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