What are the steps (ALL the steps) to install TWRP + /e/ or Lineage + Magisk + MicroG on FP3+?

I recently got a Fairphone 3+, currently locked on its base OS.
I am looking to get the best custom ROM possible for this phone. But I would also like to get it Magisk rooted, and with TWRP permanently installed for easier management. Also, I would like it with MicroG + Aurora Store because f*ck google.

But I’m really lost between all the guides, all covering a small part of this. Some are only about installing another OS but without TWRP, some are about TWRP but are talking about weird encryption/dm-verity things that others don’t…

Could someone help me to find a guide or tell me the complete steps, from beggining to finish, to achieve my goal without bricking the phone ?
That would help me a lot

Also, what are the different roms currently available for FP3+ ? I know about this thread ✏ Operating Systems for Fairphones but maybe there’s more. Should I choose /e/ + MicroG separately, or Lineage + MicroG separately, or Lineage for MicroG all together ?

Thanks in advance and have a great day.

Have you enabled Development options then enabled USB Debugging and OEM unlock?

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I did.
What should I do next ?

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I wrote a guide some months ago:

AFAIK, for the FP3 there’s /e/, LineageOS and LineageOS for microG available (I installed LOS4microG on my FP3).

But if you choose this version too, be aware to install the newest FairphoneOS first. There were some firmware updates which aren’t delivered with LOS4microG (though with the original LOS)


Thanks, this guide will be useful.
But I would have some questions:

  • Between /e/ and LineageOS for MicroG, which one offers the best functionnalities ? Does one have some additionnal features like some custom ROMs for other phones like Resurrection remix, Havoc, crDroid…

  • You say TWRP can’t be installed permanently. Has it changed now ? Is there a way to still install it permanently ? If not, then I will give up on it and simply install another OS without TWRP.

  • In your guide, for Magisk, you say to grab the Magisk zip. But for a few releases now, on github the Magisk author only provides the Magisk Manager apk, not the flashable zip. Where should I get it ?

  • I’m ok to install the newest Fairphone OS first if it updates the firmware, but where can I get it and how do I install it ?

  • It looks like the new “Easy installer” featured by /e/ foundation is compatible with my phone. Do you recommend it ? Will it still allow me to have Magisk + MicroG as root ?

  • There has been some echoes of the camera not working with custom ROM on FP3+. Is this still a problem now or has it been fixes ?

Well, it depends what you are searching for. /e/ is also based on LineageOS but with its own oecosystem like a cloud-service, app-store and so on. Although - AFAIK - their app store and different other apps like the e-mail-client are just forked from different (open-source-) apps…

I have my own NAS and thus I prefer LOS4microG.
I don’t know those other ROMs, though.

microG is somewhat like a replacement for google play services (GPS). Some GPS are replaced by microG-services. Like Maps API and Exposure Notifications - without communication to google servers :slight_smile:
For other thinks like Push Notifications you have to at least activate Google Device Registration. But this is optional (And with a bare LOS you wouldn’t even have the possibility to do so). Here you can see the implementation status of microG services.
If you want to use Aurora Store and want to install some purchased apps, you still have the possibility to (isolated) link your Google account with one specific app. I for example did this with Aurora Store and Google My Business.

No, LOS is shipped with its own recovery. If you update LOS, your recovery will be overwritten too. But the LOS-recovery is perfectly ok for making updates :slight_smile:

Correct, that’s one of the things that should be changed in this guide. I’ve recently installed Magisk on a device so I already had to find out it, too: You just have to rename the “.apk” to “.zip” its written somewhere in their FAQs.

Normally, you just have to go to Settings, there you should be able to search for updates. But you can also install it manually.
But you may already have the newest update installed. As of now, the newest version is FP3 3.A.0101.20210420

Sorry, I can’t tell you much about /e/ since I don’t use it.

TBH, I never heard of that. Or I forgot it :wink: But I can’t recall any recent issues with the FP3+ camera.


On my FP2, when installing LOS, it asks whether I want the LOS Recovery updates with each LOS update or not, and I can just opt it out. Isn’t it possible for the FP3 as well?

The /e/Easy-Installer basically installs /e/, the end result should have absolutely no difference, it will be the same as if you had installed it manually. It’s just much simpler.
Also, MicroG comes pre-installed with /e/.

This was long ago, just after the FP3+ came out, it has been solved now and the FP3+ is fully supported on /e/OS and LOS.

Edit: Typo


Thanks for your replies everyone !
I succeeded to clean flash LineageOS for MicroG on my FP3+, your answers helped me a lot. Thanks again.

But I’m having a concerning performance issue, I made a post about it here

Would you mind taking a look at it ?

Thanks again for being an awesome community, have a great day

I have installed

I installed the app Magisk-v23.0.apk
Now I’m stuck installing Magisk itself, because I don’t know which img to select for patching.

Or shall I install ist from recovery?

Hope for help :slight_smile:

I have experience with Lineage , TWRP and “conventional” rooting on Samsung (non A/B)devices

I installed Magisk once on a S9+ but I’m not yet familiar with it
(can’t remember how I did rooting)

(I finally want to switch to TWRP recovery)

Followed this guide?


you have to rename the .apk file into .img and then flash it through recovery. I did it with TWRP :slight_smile:

You just can boot into TWRP temporary like mentioned in this wiki. You can’t flash it like you might did it on other phones before. LOS 17 comes with its own recovery. TWRP will be overwritten after each update…

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Thank you very much!
A small step for mankind - a big step for me :wink:

Didn’t expect it to be that easy

now backuped via temporaryly booted TWRP.

It’s okay, if TWRP would be killed by System-update.
But can I install TWRP-Recovery via TRWP-App without endangering my running system?
I’ve often used the option of deleting cache with TWRP when system behaved strangely (without the need of a Windows-computer)

I had Lineage running with installed TWRP backup in between - can’t figure out what I did wrong to kill this setting.

Still unsecure what happens with the other slot when I modify one -
“fastboot getvar all”
shows that Slot B is active, Slot A is bootable


Happy I can use my FP productivly now! :slight_smile:

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