Welcome to new moderators!

I’m happy to announce that we have 2 new moderators! :tada: :raised_hands:

Please give a warm welcome to @BertG and @Alex.A who will be joining our moderator team comprising of @Volker, @Lidwien, @Paulakreuzer and @TobiasF. We’re very excited to have some new additions to the team to assist in keeping the forum a friendly, welcoming and great place to discuss all things Fairphone.

I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to the outgoing moderators, @irina_spitznagel, @JeroenH and @Johannes who have so kindly given of their time to grow and assist the community up to this point. Your contribution is much appreciated. :blue_heart:

@BertG and @Alex.A, the floor is yours… feel free to say a few words if you wish :grinning:


Great to see such a vibrant community!


Thank you for introducing us Rae!
I’m really thankful to be part of such a welcoming community! It’ll be a pleasure for me to moderate here :blush:


Thanks a lot for the kind introduction and the great honor to be a part not only of this awesome community, but of the moderator team.
I will do my very best to live up to the great examples and standards the current and previous moderators have set. And I ask for clemency should I fail in this at one point or the other.
Cheers from me to everyone and may the future be bright, fair and kind to all of us.


A warm welcome to the new moderators from me too. :hugs:
Should you have any questions feel free to ask me any time.
It might not always look like it, but I’m online most of the time.
Also - I have a lot of experience moderating here, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t challenge the way I do things.


Welcome from my side too, @BertG and @Alex.A. I’m very happy that you’ve joined our moderator team for this great forum and community!


Thank you for joining the moderators group @Alex.A and @BertG.
Take your time to find your way.
If you need help, just ask. Except for the mornings, I am often on the forum.


@irina_spitznagel, @JeroenH, @Johannes:

THANK YOU indeed!!


Welcome to @BertG and @Alex.A, thanks for your contribution and thanks to the whole team for keeping this forum a very positive and productive community. Thanks a lot.


Outgoing mod here: Overall it’s been a fun time. Apparently I just passed 5 years’ worth of days in which I did something on the forum, so a good milestone to decide to maybe tone it down a notch. I still don’t understand how I managed to read almost 112.000 posts and find something to say more than 1850 times - but it’s testament to the great community that hangs around here.

Best of luck to @BertG and @Alex.A, but having seen how you handled things as “Leaders” I have no doubt you’ll do great as moderators!


Thanks for your work :pray:


A huge thank you from my side as well to the outgoing but also the newly elected moderators! You did/are doing a great job!

Could you please describe the process how Fairphone chooses their moderators? I got the feeling that at least one of the new moderators appeared (at least in all the topics where I had an exchange with him) to be some sort of Fairphone cheerleader/enthusiast. So how much critical voices are allowed and elected as moderators?

Thanks for your appreciation of the work done by the moderators!

When there are outgoing moderators the remaining moderators look for new members.
They are looking at the existing forum user base and for certain qualities like contribuition to the forum, aptitude for moderation, tactful postings, helpful answers and using appropriate language toward other users. Being a fan is no hindrance, but not a requirement either. Yet it’s kind of required to show some understanding of what Fairphone stands for and to share those principles to a certain extent.
The decision is discussed among the moderators and approved by FP staff.


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