Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hello. I just got my fair phone (2 days ago) and I already love it! :wink:
Thanks at all the team for the great job you make! We are “happy users” of a product that proves that our economy can change… Make a better world… Great to see that other people are engaged in the movement… Have all a nice day! Geraldine from Brussels


Just got a Fairphone too, the first time I want to thanks the maker of a phone after I buy one! I did it to support the efforts you make to make the phone industry fairer, but the phone itself is great, I like your attention toward details and software wise it gives so much more control, thanks for that also!



I’ve only just seen this reply…I don’t use the email account that I linked to the forum… We are renting a place in Teshie just now just of Bush Road but I am working on and off with a social worker in the Kantomanto area (hence why I’m pretty interested in the posts and work regarding Agbogbloshie. I’m currently in England though, trying to make my bank balance slightly healthier after finishing university! Let me know of any projects you are doing in Ghana, I may be able to be of some help.


having bought one phone for my girlfriend and one for me, we own two FP first editions. I even rendomly met ppl who own a FP in germany at least three times. Some friends even wanted to buy one, too (but they didn’t have the time to wait for some months). And i am also a bit proud since only buying this phone (and my first smartphone) “forced” me to inform myself much more about so many social, environmental and technical aspects that makes this smartphone a bit better than others.

Hope to see more engagement on other sections, too, like fair computers or laptops :smile:



Hi @stojmas! Have you already moved to Berlin? Then please check this topic out:

Cheers, Stefan :sunny:


I am Florence, I’m 26, I live in France and work for a Fair Trade organisation (called Plate-Forme pour le Commerce Equitable). Also a “green” activist I heart aboud Fairphone a few years ago, signed up and waited patiently to receive a Fairphone from the second batch… which I am very happy with!

A huge applause for the work you’re doing, tackling one of the most difficult sectors in terms of environmental and social impacts. It is very very inspiring!

I’m happy to contribute to spreading the news about Fairphone everywhere I go, pointedly putting my phone on the table, explaining your approach as well as the issues behind it, suggesting to my contacts that they switch to a Fairphone.

Thumbs up and much luck and courage to you!



Hi there. I also live in New Zealand and I have just received my FairPhone yesterday. Plugged in Vodafone NZ SIM card and everything works great!


Hey Fairphonies,

My name is Michiel and I have been working in the Fairphone customer support team since December 2013. I got to ride the rollercoaster which was the introduction of Fairphone 1 and am now eagerly waiting for Fairphone 2 to arrive…

Although I sort of started working at Fairphone coincidentally, I really grew to love the way Fairphone approaches the smartphone value chain from a social and environmental perspective and can’t see myself working for a company which doesn’t have these standards anymore. So in that sense working here has changed mah life :smile:.

I wasn’t active on the forum until now, but have always witnessed the work of @Stefan, @Chris_R and @Robin (good luck with your studies!) with respect.

I live in Amsterdam where I like to hang around with my friends, go to Ajax games, do some bouldering and take looong walks, preferably with my canine friend Jimmy. Hope to talk to many of you guys here soon!

On this photo you will see me (including green aura) and some of my fine colleagues :smile:.




Love the phone love the concept - keep it up!

Jacob from London


@Jacob Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Tim here - Fairphone owner since November 2014 - loving the phone in general and hope the concept runs and runs and runs. No complaints except a Google Maps graphics error when using bicycling directions…

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@Tim_Sparks Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Could you tell us, where you are from? :slight_smile:

Of course! Based in England, near Macclesfield - and currently aiming to be the owner of the first ever Fairphone to cycle the length of Britain mounted on bike handlebars. Lands End to John O’Groats - 974 miles https://my.give.net/lejogcre8offbeat

Unless anyone else has claimed this honour?



I’m Alexander from Germany using FP1 first batch. Not my first Android, but the first since when I took a closer look to the system. I am using Linux already for a decade and active in open-source community. I am working as system engineer, so I am quite close to system and development and testing.

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Welcome to the forum, @Amber! :slight_smile:

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I’m also here :smile:
Occasionally visiting the forum ever since it was set-up.

I’m already through my third midframe since I tend to break the camera glass. I hope this won’t happen too soon again.

I’m thrilled to see how Fairphone community grows just as Fairphone itself grows. We’re together on an interesting journey to learn about building and using fairer devices.


Hi @jfrt! I’ve seen you around here! :slight_smile: Nice that you found your way to this topic! :slight_smile: Welcome! :wink:
Could you tell us where you are from?

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Yes, it actually took me quite a while. But, you know, rather late than never :slight_smile:

I live in Amsterdam and am wondering whether @Marco goes to klimmuur centraal or if there is another climbing location nearby.


Hello all, my name is Liesbeth and I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands.
Yep, I’m one of those people who only use the forum when they have a problem (and until now I hadn’t had any since I got my phone in January 2014) , but then again, I do like to talk about the Fairphone in the real world, preferable to people who don’t know about it yet. And I love it when I see someone with the familiar blue protective case…


Welcome to the forum! :smile:

I’ve been to Utrecht for a summer school and loved the open atmosphere of the town! :slight_smile: