Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hey there,
I guess it’s time I introduced myself here as well.
I have my Fairphone since January. My initial incentive to order it (in october) was merely that I wanted a smartphone and I read about the company. I was also quite intrigued by the idea that the device should represent.
To be honest I didn’t really know a lot about the great width of smartphones that were out there at the time.
And while I sometimes think about all the powerful devices even at lower prices that you can get now, I am really excited how the project will continue.
I am also willing to contribute to this, so that’s why I’m here.
Greetings from Germany!


I am from New Zealand too and I want to buy one of these. What carrier do use? And do you have any problems with the voltage. You wouldn’t need to use a converter right. I currently am with Vodafone for work and I was hoping to use Vodafone. Thank you for commenting because I really wanted one but I was worried about being able to use it.


Hey there. Yep I’m 99% sure Vodafone will be fine. Since the Fair phone is unlocked I took a gamble and am using it on 2degrees, cell data everything works perfectly. Voltage hasn’t been an issue since I started using it one month ago. It was tricky however to get the phone into the country, since NZ Post YouShop refuse to ship lithium ion batteries. I called in a favour with a mate to mail it to me. If you are planning to buy one, make sure you get postage from the EU/UK that allows for transport of lithium ion batteries (from what I’ve gathered, the key requirement is robust packaging to avoid damage in transit)

Hope this helps!

…living in Scotland, and I’m the proud possessor of a lovely1st edition Fairphone. Thank you for setting up your business and producing an ethical and environmentally aware phone! I’ve moved from a very basic mobilre to this so I’m pretty unsure of lots of its applications but I’ll learn…with your help!


Hi there, I’m Jan-Pieter.
My old phone recently started acting up (bad USB contact, malfunctioning buttons) so I decided to buy a Fairphone and it arrived last week. I was pleasantly surprised : A better phone than my proprietary one ever was (though there is some room for improvement here and there ), happily packaged in a tiny box.
I find it a fantastic project and I hope it can orient customers and by extension industry towards a more fair and sustainable future.


Hello everyone,

I’m Laurent from Lille, northern France.

I discovered the Fairphone project a few days ago and I’m really looking forward buying one. But I’ll wait till my actual smartphone dies.

I work as a web project manager in a communication company. As everyone here, I’m really interested into fair trade and fair products.

See you guys around in this forum :slight_smile:


Hey guys, thanks for sharing this info. I also live in New Zealand and I"m on Vodafone. I have just ordered a FairPhone, I’ll let you know how I get on!


Hi Fairphoners,

I am Carola from Western Austria, 57 years old and proud to be among the 1st 5000. Ordered my phone in May 2013 and got it in early January 2014.

This was my first experience with crowdfunding and quite an adventure for me. Together with other early buyers I went through all the ups and downs, discussions and delays that come with joining a project at a rather early stage.

Although my phone ist on its way to repair at the moment I’m still happy with my FP1 and proud to have taken the risk.

Greetings from Lake Constance


Hi Fairphoners,

I live in Scotland and got my Fairphone (FP1U) a few days ago, with a contract with the Phone Co-Op. I had an iPhone before, but was increasingly uncomfortable with it due to the way people are treated who actually build the phones, and the way Apple want to bind you into buying things from them. So I have donated my old phone, got a Fairphone, and hope to keep it for many years (love the fact it can be repaired). See you round the forums.



Hi, I’m Elin. I teach economics, marketing and leadership in high.school in Norway. My students are 17-19. In all plans we are obligated to deal with enviorment and ethics. Fairphone is a very good example, thou my students thinks I’m a bit weird in my choice of phone :smiley:

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Do you do commissions? :slight_smile:

No I don’t, but if you are interested I can give you the grid. If you never did cross stitching you can start with a case to embroider. The Fairphone has almost the same size as the iphone 5 so you can order a kit (for instance : http://www.sewandso.co.uk/Products/Stitchable-iPhone-5-Cases---Pack-of-2__ANC-RDK26.aspx ). It’s not difficult and so you can personalize your Fairphone! Just try to do it, it’s fun !!
Here is mine:


Hi - I am Tin from Switzerland and have ordered my First Edition Fairphone before June 2013 and got it in January 2014. Am joining this forum because the conecpt of this phone is great - but there are things which must be changed and bug should be fixed. So a feedback to the development team is necessary. So take my inputs as feedback to make Fairphone even better! Thanks.


I’ve been on the forum for quite some time, but mostly just to read. Only recently, I discovered this introduction topic… :blush:

So, I’m Johan, a 29 year old civil servant from Belgium (the Flemish part). I got my FairPhone in the first batch. It’s my first smartphone, so even after a year, I’m still discovering new things. Or discovering things that seemed “standard smartphone” to be “specially FairPhone” (like the quick access!).

Since I work on environmental topics (mostly European product legislation directives like RoHS and Batteries), I can use my FairPhone a lot as “good practice” example. Thanks for that!!


Hey everyone :smile:

I’m Marie from Germany. I just got my Fairphone for christmas and I have some trouble to install the Google Apps and now even my systems software is not runnig anymore :smiley:

So I know that I don’t have to place my questions here, but I hope someone of you can help me out.

Merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile:


Welcome at the forum, @Marie_We!

Look around the forum a bit. A solution has very probably already posted. In the upper right corner of the page, there is this little magnifying glass. This is the search feature of the forum. :smiley:

Hi, I am happy FP1-User who was one of the first to make an order. Still glad to have it.


Hi all,

I already posted on the forum before, but hadn’t introduced myself, so here I go.

I’m already onto my second Fairphone, a FP1U because the first one, with the inscription inside the battery cover got stolen in the first week I had it. :’(

Now mainly posting here when I have issues with my phone, which isn’t that often luckily, but still. Great to have such an active community to help out when something does go wrong.



Hi everyone,

I’m a 30yo French living in Paris, my phone broke after 5 good years of service, and while I was looking for a FirefoxOS terminal that handles LTE I somehow read something about Fairphone. I pay a good deal of attention to the stuff I buy before I buy it so it’s done right for long, and I can get into systems if I have to, but I’d really rather not, being the lazy bugger I am :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that electronic goods remain open and inobtrusive.
Technological progress is awesome and we’ve seen so much these past 10 years —anybody remember their first time using wifi on a pc ? Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote comes to mind : “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I vividly remember my first experience with wifi with a sense of that quote, double checking that I had not left any RJ45 plugged in somewhere.
This is awesome yes, but because this is so like magic we’re both so enthralled and eager to let this magic into our lives that we tend to overlook important stuff in the process, having to do with respect of humans at large (including ourselves), and the whole of life eventually.

1/ How the hardware is made ;
2/ Whether the software used on it respects what we think should be respected. Maybe it takes a while and some research and some thinking to just know for ourselves what we think should be respected. And just because this is not readily easy to understand, I don’t think it means we don’t have a responsibility to think this through.

Thankfully Fairphone addresses #1 (I’m very, very thankful guys, keep it up !!), which is why I’m ready to wait till another version of it comes out till I buy anything else —will use a used dumbphone till then ; and I’m glad I could share my views on #2 here, stating that I would really rather use FirefoxOS than Android.


Hi Guys,
I’m a student from germany and proud FP first edition owner :smile:
I really like my Fairphone, even though it suffered a lot and has a broken pixel line on the display. Hopefully there’ll be an option for opening up the sourcecode to get access to Android L, Ubuntu, Firefox … cause thats one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place. That said, I’m happy to help crowdfunding sourcecode related projects! Aswell I’m very eager about the next generation FPs, hoping they’ll blow our minds with new tech like NFC, LTE, but more important Open Hardware and fairer production!
Feel free to contact me about issues with your phone, I’m no expert but happy to help.