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Those were the days…:disappointed_relieved:

What a time span, such electronic devices were built to last.
Many so called “smart” devices these days struggle to exceed the warranty period without malfunctioning.
As a user I don´t see what´s the smart part thereby.
So I am very glad to have a reliable FP2.


My Nokia C7 is eleven this year and still running (with its first display)! My two years old FP2 with third display hopefully will do the same and run another nine years. But I’m not so sure.

To be honest, those old phones like my still working Ericsson T68 from 2001 can not be compared to the new ones so called "smart"phones.
Just the size of the new displays makes it so much more likely, they are going to break and cause trouble.
Another thing is, that they are closed eco-systems (Symbian), while on Android there are dozens of different apps from hundreds of sources are interacting and can cause lots of problems.
Not to mention the amount of functions squeezed into just one case. My T68 has a camera that can be attached to a port, as can be an external “keyboard” and a mp3-player. But always one gadget at a time.
I just saw, that the T68 is still sold on ebay (at 100 $ even).


@BertG & @Patrick1 & @Heiner
Here is a photo of my old phone, courtesy of my new FP2 12MP camera. Looking a little bit worn. It even survived a full cycle in a washing machine. I left it in a jacket pocket. It was turned on when it went in but funnily enough was not working when it came out. I took it apart (or at least took the back cover off and battery out) and dried it out on a radiator. A few days later it worked and still does today.
I’ll let you know if I ever do the same with my FP2. :smile:


Please don’t. :wink:
But in case you don’t head my advise and do it, visit the #waterwiki


Yes, generally I agree. Still I think there has to be differentiated between the soft- and the hardware.

Modern phones not only have software problems but also the hardware is not designed properly and long lasting.
But software often can fix hardware problems (remember FP2 audio jack left/right switch)
Often remaining software problems are not even fully solved as the next device series/version is in the pipeline already.
Looking at Samsungs major issue. As things got really hot in the news they did not waste much energy and costs for fixing. Within impressive short time the successor was rolling out already - what is this?
I wonder for how long Sam*** estimated and calculated to sale the predecessor then.

No software is bug free. It needs time to gather experience and fix issues. But if a production run is only calculated for a (very) limited time/quantity companies may determine what for invest more in an “old” product.
Only one thing, here comes the security update subject. We are having them delivered on a regular basis as far as they are available by vendor and other parties. This is something positive that I always can mention about FP anytime.
I meanwhile have realized the drawback on how LG is doing in this issue due to my girlfriends mobile.
Longevity in many business branches seems to have a negative smack. Therefore I very much like the move of FP which after all keeps me wondering about Googles initial approach and quick turn-around in this field with Ara.


That sounds very frustrating indeed. Maybe not the display will life that long but the core, who knows. But I hope for you this last display will survive several years.


I agree with you; though even hardwarewise the old phones were just more simple and therefore less prone to fail.
Plus: since the smartphone has become such a worldwide success, those things are online 24/7 and being used about 10 to 15 hours a day. So maybe the old phones were used in eight years as much as an average smartphone nowadays in two years.

I guess we should end this discussion now or move it to a new thread. :wink:


I’m Davide and I’m thinking that my next smartphone should be FP.

I wanna go greener :green_heart:


Welcome Tux!

That sounds good. Here you found the right spot for that :wink:

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I am new in this forum. I can’t reply to the “market” offers I see: it says “post closed, contact by personal message”. But I can’t find the way to send personal messages to fellow users!

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi and welcome!

It should work to click the other person’s name. That opens a small “window” which contains a button to send a personal message to that user.

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Welcome to the forum @afontcub.

You’ll have to browse the forum a bit first and do about 10 minutes of reading (I think) to no longer be a “new user” and get the right to PM other users.

PS: I just saw you were already promoted to “basic user” 18 minutes ago, so what @ingo writes above should work.


Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m in Glasgow, Scotland. I ordered my Fairphone a couple of weeks ago - I’ve wanted one for a long time and finally, the end of my contract with Vodafone seemed a good time to take the plunge. Excited about the new model with improved camera. Can anyone tell me roughly how long I should expect the phone to take to arrive? There’s no indication in my confirmation email or order status. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum, @Lisa_Stewart! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I’m going to take up a small space on the Forum to quickly introduce myself, and let you know that I am the new ‘go to’ person for community responsibilities at Fairphone.
I briefly and virtually got to meet some of you, and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know everyone and continuing to built our community together.

I am taking over this role from Douwe, which as you know is becoming the new data protection officer at Fairphone. However, we will not fully say ‘goodbye’ to him, as his ideas and hopes for our community will still continue with us, and he will still drop by from time to time. So ‘see you soon!’ @Douwe.

As for my story, before joining Fairphone, I worked at Pakhuis de Zwijger (a Dutch cultural organisation acting as an independent sharing knowledge platform for city-making) where I was responsible for managing the international community of city-makers. So, quite similar to my new role at Fairphone, I worked with an European based community on inspiring and activating members with regards to societal issues in their cities.

I am really excited about getting to work with all of you, and hope that over time I get to meet you in person as well. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions, requests, or epiphanies.

Have a lovely day,


Hi Monica, nice to meet you (virtually). :smiley:

One question I have: are you on any social media platforms (Twitter, FB, …)?



Next opportunity: #efct18 :sunglasses:

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Hi Monica, nice to meet you again. :slight_smile:

I don’t think this was announced publicly yet. Only the moderators knew of Douwes new position until now.


Your profile says “Social Media Specialist”. Is that your current role and Community Manager is now a sub-task of the Social Media Specialist or did you just not update your profile yet?


Hi Ingo, are you referring to the FP social media accounts? I manage all of them (Twitter, FB and Instagram).

Let’s not mince words, Monica’s the new Fairphone Community Gardener! :+1: