There is a new Community Manager in town: meet Monica!

Hi all,

As you may have read in her introduction to the forum, we have a new Community Manager at Fairphone - @Monica.Ciovica!

From today onward Monica will be the new liaison between the community and Fairphone as a company. She will be working with you to grow the community, make it stronger, more independent and even better at promoting fairer electronics using the Fairphone as an example. She has been taking care already of all the social media channels in the last 6 months, and now all community projects, ideas and new adventures will fall under her responsibility to promote, support and help where possible.

I’ve been doing community work for Fairphone since mid 2015, and it’s been an amazing job and a great honor to have been working with such a great and smart bunch of people. I have gotten to know many of you in person and learned a ton from you all.

I must admit; you’ll probably see me around here for sure very often as the forum is just a way to nice place to just leave suddenly. But my main focus from this day on is to make sure Fairphone meets the GDPR deadline of 25th of may.

Thank you all for being such a great bunch of people and I rest assured that you all will welcome @Monica.Ciovica and guide her into the rich and fascinating world this forum has become over the past 5 years.

See you all soon!


Welcome and bonne chance from the local Fairphone meetup community closest to the Netherlands! :wink:


I stumbled over an article today that I wish I would have included in my message yesterday. You can read it here, but this quote sums it up to me and I hope it can contribute to the growing and prospering of this community:

“Community” is derived from the Anglo-Norman and Middle French communité, meaning, primarily, “joint ownership.” A community, at least in theory, is a site of collective decision-making; it is maintained by the people who built it, for their own benefit. It monitors itself and invests in its own health. It rewards participation with a real stake in the common good. It’s no wonder, then, that community tends to strike us as a positive thing; the Welsh Marxist theorist Raymond Williams once wrote that the word’s most salient attribute was that it “seems never to be used unfavorably.”


I think popular YouTuber PewDiePie already knew about this in advance and made a song for you :wink:

Hey to you Monica! :slight_smile:


Thanks to you @Douwe for your great work up to now, and I’m sure @Monica.Ciovica will continue this work flawlessly to make this community a perfect place to talk, discuss, develop ideas and share the fair thinking.
Have fun with GDPR :smiley:
Bye! :slight_smile:


Tough work, I’ve heard (which probably means it’s good)

Welcome, @Monica.Ciovica! And @Douwe, sincerely: thanks for all the fish! :dolphin:


willkommen monica. :slight_smile: and yes. i’m busy in figuring out policies with my compliance team too. a lot of services we’ve come across seem to be willing the deadline extends. but that’s just wishful thinking i guess. it’s hard to know anything before 25th may. we referred to a dozen services at least before getting on with our thing and looked at businesses big and small, including but not limited to facebook, hotjar, ivacy vpn, twitter, google and others. again, i think some will have to face harsh penalties despite trying and that’s what sort of makes it a little worrying for all of the providers out there,

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