Webseite nicht Verfügbar / Website not avaible FP1


I can’t open many web sites even the www.fairphone.com. When I try come the message: “Weibseite nicht Verfügbar” (website not avaible). I checked the settings, tried with different browsers an nothing works. I think the problem is with the Internet connections settings.

To your info:
Fairphone 1, Android 4.2.2.
Google free Android!! (I just use the F-droid store)

I will VERY happy if someone can help me


It’s the web browser. It is outdated and should not be used anymore (in fact it has been outdated for about 3 years or more). See here:

In short: Install a browser from the suggestions there. Or install the new community version of Android Kitkat with the latest security patches: Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1


Thank you Stefan for the FAST answer. :heart_eyes:
I’ll try your suggest. Now I need a break of all day looking after a solution.


First step done and it works! Thank you again!
Fennec is now the new browser. In the next days I’ll try to install the Kitkat.



Is it normal the internet connection become slow when using fennec??

The internet connection doesn’t become slower. Fennec itself is slower because, as mentioned above, it uses its own up-to-date browsing engine, which is not as fast as the built-in insecure browsing engine. Fennec is much faster on newer phones like the FP2.

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Me again dear people.

As fennec stuck I uninstalled it but when I tried to downloaded it then it comes the download fails.
I tried it with different versions and again and again the download fail.
Any ideas what to do??


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