Web WhatsApp login not working (FP3, Android 9 [Pie])

on a new FP3 with a freshly updated Android 9 I cannot use https://web.whatsapp.com/.
Scanning the QR Code simply doesn’t have any effect.

I read about the same problem with FP2 and the possible solution of re-enabling “privacy impact”, but this option is not available in Android 9 anymore.

Web.whatsapp works with the default configuration of Android 9 on a Nokia 3 flawlessly.

So, my first question is: Can anyone confirm the problem with an FP3?
If not, I would be interested in the configuration.

If yes, does someone have an idea about the reason?
I know that the feature is used by German surveillance agencies to intercept encrypted communication. So maybe it’s a good idea to prevent it by default - but even then I’d like to know how this is done and how it can be changed.

Any useful comments welcome.

Kind regards

I’m using WA Web regularly with my FP3 on stock Android 9 and didn’t have any problems, i.e. I didn’t have to do anything to make it work.

Edit: WA do have a troubleshooting page, have you checked that?

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Thanks a lot.
Yes, I checked the FAQ site. It only mentions connection problems, but I can use Whatsapp Web with the same account and the same computer in the same place on a different phone.
I also compared the App permissions, and they are the same (Camera, Contacts and Storage yes, the rest no).

Are there any further privacy settings that might influence this? Perhaps regarding the QR code scanner?


Does deinstalling and reinstalling WA change anything?

No, unfortunately not.

As I started working on the phone only yesterday, I even did a factory reset, re-ran the the initial setup process and installed Whatsapp - and only WA. The result was the same. So it’s neither a misconfiguration nor one of the non-phone components responsible for the problem.

Or did I miss something?

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Do oder QR codes work? If you try to scan the WA web QR code with camera or a code scanner, does it do anything?

Edit: Other people have the same problem as you. Did you do researches? Different solutions are given. Just search for “whatsapp can’t scan qr code”
For example:

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Hallo Jürgen,

darf ich fragen, warum du WhatsApp Web überhaupt auf dem mobilen Endgerät verwenden möchtest? Wenn es dir um Datenschutz / Datensparsamkeit geht und du deswegen die WhatsApp-App nicht installieren willst, dann wäre m. E. ein anderer E2E-verschlüsselter Messenger wie Signal oder Threema mit Fallback SMS (für Leute, die nicht bereit sind, diesen ebenfalls zu nutzen) die bessere Alternative. Just my two cents …

Viele Grüße

Das ist, glaube ich, nicht das Problem. Der kann das QR code von WA web auf seinem Computer mit seinem Handy nicht scannen.

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Es geht um das technische Problem. Es ist komfortabel, die Nachrichten mit einer Tastatur am Monitor schreiben zu können.

Das mit der Bildschirmrotation muss ich noch testen. Sonst habe ich keine neuen Tipps gefunden. Danke für die Hinweise.



I also experienced this issue once (before the latest update), but if I remember correctly a phone restart combined with unlinking all WA Web devices solved it. I may have force stopped WhatsApp and cleared cache, but def didn’t have to clear storage, much less factory install the phone.

Thanks to all, and especially to alex21.

I could not only solve the problem but also find its cause:

The QR code was in the wrong angle. The solution does not require any additional software, it’s fully sufficient to turn off auto-rotate for a moment, and to scan the QR code in landscape mode.

Kind regards


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