Web WhatsApp login not working

Dear all,

is Web WhatsApp working for anybody on their Fairphone 2? When trying to scan the QR code, the login just doesn’t happen. I have tried different computers, different networks, nothing works. All software is up-to-date.

Same issue reported here: Web whatsapp cannot work

But suggested ‘solution’ not working either.

Any help would be much appreciated.


No problems with WhatsApp Web on my FP2. I am using FP OpenOS and WhatsApp was installed by directly downloading it from their website (instead of GooglePlay that I do not have). What webbrowser are you using ? The problem could be on the computer side with a security application stopping WhatsApp Web communicating with their server.

Brilliant! It wasn’t the browser but you pointed me in the right direction - it was simply the Hacker Vision chrome extension which messed with the scanning…D’uh…


Much obliged!

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