Weather on Home Screen gone

Hello folks,

since a few days the display of the weather on my home screen has disappeared. Where the display of the weather used to be, there is now simply nothing.

Another point that makes me regret the update to Android 12 very much. Since then I really only have problems.
I was so happy with my Fairphone but since the update I could throw it against the wall. Why do they release such a buggy update?

I guess thats the same

Indeed, the compulsory 1st page “At a Glance” widget didn’t survive the transition to Android 12. It was already unreliable in A11 (at least for me), and I’ve never seen it work in A12. Good news is it also killed the compulsory search bar in its demise… :grin:

That been said, if you like to have weather (reliably!) displayed on your phone screen (I know I do, I could just look out of the window, but still…), just download a weather app (lots of different available) and use its widget. They all have, of different sizes, aspects, displaying different types and amounts of information, just pick whatever suits you.
I tried several for a couple days, eventually found one which had a single-row sized widget I liked, and placed it just under the corpse of the “Search”/“At a Glance” widgets.

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Yeah, I already got a new weather widget but I would rather use the Google one instead of sharing my location to another additional company.

You would rather have Google share your location with several additional companies… :grin: :smiling_imp:

Seriously, it seems location is a lost battle, especially while in a big city. Simple cell tower triangulation (which you can’t prevent unless you remove the battery…) and WiFi (which apparently you can’t really prevent anymore either, even if you think you’ve disabled WiFi) will locate you (correctly) to a specific house number. In the countryside it’s only precise to a kilometer in my experience, which given local population density is pretty precise too. And that’s without using any GPS (AFAIK).

My point is, they will get your location, the only thing you can hope for is they don’t use it to constantly annoy you with location-based “suggestions” and “opportunities”… :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, for those who really need it, there’s airplane mode, at least the phone still tells you the time and reminders, and you can use apps that have local data.

I have a wristwatch for that… :grin:

Seriously now, this assumes you trust “Airplane mode” to really be cutting off all sending and receiving. I have no data to confirm this, and since “WiFi off” started meaning “WiFi off – unless we need it for our stuff”, I don’t trust Google labels anymore. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The only really safe thing is to remove the battery, which slightly defeats the whole purpose of having a smartphone, doesn’t it…

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