WeAreFairphone BACK on Mastodon

It’s done: @Ingo has set up our new Mastodon outpost:


As some of you already know, unfortunately we weren’t able to properly migrate our previous Mastodon account anymore – the old instance apparently collapsed faster than we could rescue our stuff. So we are starting from scratch again now, without the near-1200 followers of our old account.

Which is why we are hoping you are supporting us in getting the message spread where you can: If you followed us on Mastodon before, visit us and follow us anew – or for the first time if you didn’t before. Please boost/share our introduction post with your own Mastodon followers:


And if you like it there and want a new or first-time home on Mastodon, make yourself comfortable and create your own account at social.fairphone.community – our new instance run by veteran Faiphone Angel and former long-time Fairphone Community Forum moderator @paulakreuzer

Thank you! :slight_smile:


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