Weak Vibration Alarm

Hello dear community,

this is my first post in this Forum and I strongly hope it’s in the right Topic. I could not find any topic similar with the search function.

The vibration of my Fairphone ist reaaaally weak so that I believe there might be something wrong with it. I regularly have missed calls, though it is in vibration mode and in my jean’s pocket. Also when it is laying on the table, I often don’t notice incoming SMS or WhatsApps.

So unsell there is an option to make it stronger via Software I am afraid i will have to buy another Vibrations Module and change my old one, hoping that that will help.

Do any of you guys know which one to order and where? And of course, how to change it properly?

Thanks and king redard,

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Softwarewise, maybe a Xposed Module helps you out, e.g. this one: (Android Phone Vibrator).

Or maybe you fine something in GravityBox

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So there is really no way to get a stronger and/or longer vibration via the normal FP settings?
I’m really happy with my FP2. But since I have it I very often miss meetings and calls because I don’t notice the short vibration. ;-(

Is it a good way to using these xPosed modules? Is there a good description to install and configure them? I’m not a technician.

cheers, Pädi

You need the Framework and then you can install modules to use their functions. As long as you do not over clock your CPU or else, there shouldn’t be problem.
Maybe this topic helps to dissolve your doubts.

I have used Xposed Framework once and made a good experience.