Using Xposed Framework

I came across this page for solving some problems with my phone, especially with my gps. I have to test to see if it worked but then i saw i could also fix the problem with mesuring speed and distance. When i go running my apps tell me i run 100km per hour or something like that and i like to believe that but something tells me it’s not right.

So i followed the instructions and downloaded the Xposed file. Then i wanted to install the Framework but it gave a message that i shouldn’t do this if i don’t know what a softbrick or bootloop is. The only thing i know about it is what i looked up after i saw the message and i really don’t want that to happen to my phone.

So my question: leave it like it is and keep running at 100km per hour or install the Framework with the risk of having to re-install my phone (which won’t be easy i guess cause i even don’t know what the terms above mentioned mean)? What would you do and does someone know how great the risk is?

I’m using the xposed framework on my phone. There isn’t a great deal of a risk with this.

If you manage to softbrick your phone, there are simple way to recover from this such as reinstalling via the recovery mode. There is even a way to restore if you can’t get sorted through the recovery mode.

That said, the framework does open up your phone to potentially malicious programs, but to be honest the risk is small as long as you are sensible and follow instructions that are known to work.

On my phone the current version of Xposed Framework isnt working stable.
But the last version was working fine, so I am waiting for the next stable version. :wink:

Concerning GPS
I am using two tools:
The small one is GPS Status - Test & Fix only to fix thhe GPS and
the big one GPS Test with a lot of useful GPS-Tools.

Kind regards

Maybe i’ll try it when i’m really tired of the wrong speed and distance, now i’m not running cause of an injury so it’s no big deal.

The solution for the GPS on the web page in my first post is working fine. For the first time in the 9 monthes i have my FP the GPS is working like he should, yay :slight_smile:

I’m using Xposed 2.5.1 with GravityBox [JB] 3.2.1 and it’s all ok.

Thank you for this feedback.

Xposed 2.5.1 is ok,
Xposed 2.6.1. works on my phone but it updates automaticly to the experimental version 2.7.1 witch doesnt work stable on my phone.
I will try 2.6. from

Kind regards

@bobby - you might need to go to the settings in the app and change ‘versions to be shown’ to ‘Stable (low risk of bugs)’ and it shouldn’t try to update to the experimental version anymore

@Chris_R :
Exactly this did I after instilling 2.6.and updating to 2.6.1.
And now 2.6.1 is running stable… :slight_smile:

BTW: Should it be useful to open a thread, which modules from the Xposed Framework are recommendable?

Best regards from Switzerland


Glad that sorted things. May be interesting to see which modules others use and to tell people what they might find useful :smile:

Exactly that is what I am thinking too.
For people with short expierience: The modules are downloaded with the Xposed Framework,
A description of the modules is on

A fine tool is GravityBox [JB]
It works great on the Fairphone and has a lot of features.

Another great tool is LBE Security Master - Translation International
One of the best security tools for rooted android devices.
You can allow or restrict all rights from apps, veri useful.

Very useful too is Advanced Power Menu+ (APM+)
Pressing on the power button you activate / deactivate things like WiFi, Flashlight,Screenshot and more.

Also helpful is Theftie - Find my Phone

What are your recommendations?

Best regards

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I like XPrivacy.

It allows you to change permissions of apps.


LBE can now also be used without XPosed Framework.
There is an English translation here:


(just using it since today, but I already did remove Xprivacy).

Wonder though if there are any other modifications possible to Xposed Framework except those in Gravity Box.

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Hi everyone,
I opened a thread dedicated to XPrivacy over here. It would be quite great if all of you could somehow contribute to that. @Stefan already wikified the topic, so everybody can edit my OP.

I would be delighted if someone would contribute some easy-to-understand screenshots to the post. I my case, the UI with all it’s different options and things to try out was quite overwhelming at first. But think we should really promote XPrivacy by explaining what it does, and how it can be set up. It’s a really cool thing. :sunglasses:

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A German translation of LBE is avaible here
It is amazing that the newest version is translated after a few days.

For me is LBE the main security tool, and Xposed modules are used to complete the system (p. A. Notification or Shutdown Menu).

I’ve been using the Xposed framwork since day one and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. Meaning I would recommend it to everyone thinking about a way to extend functionality of their phones. Regarding security I think for the most time the human is the weak link in the security chain. Both GravityBox and XPrivacy are very useful, although already mentioned.


This is probably not the best thread to ask this, but did anyone recently check the SSL cert of ? Or am I the only one seeing a certificate for here?

What what? What?

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It’s fishy, indeed…

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I’ve noticed the same.

This is a self generated cert of the hoster. has address -> Domain Factory ->

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Thanks Ralf, I was stupid not to check the IP.

This is quite OT, but do you have any background info why they are using this selfsigned cert with the wrong address? I did not check for this hoster, but shouldn’t a proper cert be part of the hosting?
It makes me nervous when I get a cert warning. Every time. :slight_smile: