We need a real wiki-Site

Sounds reasonable. :slightly_smiling:

Do you think people who have a problem with their FP will think of this option? If they already use the search function, they will often not find what they are looking for on the forum. PErsonally, I can’t blame them: if you don’t know it already exists, you often can’t find it if you’re not lucky.


+ for me at least google is no option at all…


If you put all wiki topics in the same category, you could do something like this:


I also recently interviewed Coinbase and we talked at length about how they balance their Discourse forum & support resources. They’ve integrated Discourse with their knowledgebase so that every article comes with a dedicated topic for comments.


That’s awesome! Let’s do that! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I asked @anon48893843 (our Support Tsaar) to shine his light over all these ideas.


I just stumbled upon the wiki of OSMC and kinda like the way they did it.

What do you people think?

I like the seperate wiki site and its nice integration into the whole website (via the menu on the top). It’s similar to @paulakreuzer’s suggestion from above and needs certainly much less effort than to set up a standalone wiki.

However, what I’m missing in the article view is a table of contents, though it might not be that hard to include this?!

But what about @erlend_sh’s suggestion? I like it a lot as well, it has tables of contents and looks as if it could also be integrated easily (at least easier than a standalone wiki) with the existing discourse infrastructure.

@Douwe: I guess, you have enough work load, but I just wanted to ask if there’s a decision or plans for any of the proposed wikis? Do you need more user opinions about it?

Feel free to say that this is not your priority at the moment and you postpone it to some time in the future. I just wanted to hear about the current status. :wink:



I am happy to tell you that this is something we have on our ‘need to have’ list for our website update.
As a good implementation needs some time and thinking it won’t happen overnight… but it will happen soon.

We currently have a website update planned for mid may (don’t hold us to that date; it could change) and better integration of forum wiki’s and support articles is something we hope to be part of that update.


Great news, thanks a lot for this update! :slight_smile:

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Anything new in this “case” ?

Nope, not yet, other then that we are working with an UX designer to have tighter integration of the forum into the website.

There are also some discussions on how we can do this best in the short term and long run. This discussion on the forum is often used as a reference for that discussion at Fairphone.

So if you have more ideas, tips and things that should be considered, please add them to this thread!

Thank you all for thinking with us and your input!

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I tried to enter the boot menu by pressing the volume up and down and the power button at the same time

We need a real wiki …




We’re currently integrating some good wiki’s pages from the forum into the support pages. This is a temporary solution as both the support pages and the entire website are currently being revised.

But we hope you like the tighter integration of forum content into the official website.

For an example, look here: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207891033-The-right-charging-equipment-for-your-Fairphone-2


Looks great! :smiley:

@paulakreuzer your guide is presented quite prominently! :smiley:

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On the picture you show in the example you show a fairphone without the cover. One could get the suggestion that you have to remove the cover to charge the phone.
Just my two cents.


That’s because I did a heck of a good job writing it! :blush: :wink:

Good point. If you change the picture I also think it would be better to make the colored circles go from smaller on the image of the phone to bigger on the (then zoomed) detail picture instead of the other way around. There are some other plugs that look quite similar to micro-USB so a zoomed picture could help.


Discussion continues here (with a new approach):