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Idea: Community Support Article Writing

Another update: We are currently working on overhauling the entire support pages section of our website.

We hope that we can incorporate an kind of mechanism to allow community contributions. This would mean that all support articles get a link saying ‘Improve this article’ that links to an identical wiki-post on the forum. If people make changes on the forum to the wiki, than @Esmee gets a notification and she can decide to transfer the suggested change to the official support article.

Next to that @Esmee told me that there is a huge category of articles that Fairphone simply can’t write themselves, but the community can. Think about Xposed modules, alternative OS’s installations, but also promoting 3rd party cases, headphones or other tools that enhance the Fairphone. We can’t endorse other brands, so if the community writes about their experiences; that is great!

Do you think we could start a new category, solely for Community support wiki’s? Later we can add to that category the official Fairphone articles for editing and improvement by the community.


I always said we should have a category for wikis.
Many of the wikis you talk about already exist in one way or another, but their visibility is poor.


I think we had that discussion already. I’d do it the following way:

  • Make a category only for support articles where people can contribute and
  • better promote the #wiki for community wikis (or create a new tag like #FPlikeapro::tag or #communityschoice::tag).

Edit: @paulakreuzer I agree with the poor visibility!
Edit2: New year, new discussion: :wink:


Yeah, we did have this discussion indeed before. Let’s map what needs to be done…

My proposal based on your suggestions:

1: Make #wiki more visible ( Add #wiki to the main navigation in the forum)
2. Create new category (what about ‘Community Support Articles’)
3. Create sub categories for FP1, FP2 and ‘Other’. for a start.

What do you think for this as concrete steps?

I don’t want to set up a new wiki, as information gets dispersed even more (even tough I also know that Discourse lacks many of the functionality a real wiki has). I’d rather use the forum and work towards tighter integration with the official Fairphone support pages.


Great. I’d just add:

4. Decide which #wiki can be used as community support articles as is, which ones should be modified first and for which topic we should write a new article and have the section that describes the same topic removed from a preexisting wiki (and replace it with a link to the new article).

I’ll quote myself:

I would never rip out existing community wiki’s from their current location. I only said that I would move Zendesk articles into a new category.

We could continue the other discussion from February.

If we have a new categories for community support articles why wouldn’t we move wikis from a help category there? I agree it may not be a good solution for other category-wikis, but that’s why I think we should all together decide for each individual wiki.

Edit: E.g. the #updateguide wikis are in my opinion great candidates for moving although they are currently in all kinds of different categories.


If we promote the #wiki on the home page, the wiki articles will get a lot of visibility anyway, regardless of their actual category.

PS: Just found this:

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You could also see it like that the forum categories becomes (again) more a place for discussion and discovery.

And that agreed and proven knowledge find a final ‘resting place’ in the Community Support Category as a wiki.

I do think that these articles should be of some minimum standard for legibility and clarity. And maybe 20 community likes or so…

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Still they should be in the right category and if we create a new one then many wikis that were posted somewhere else before will fit there better then.

Hm, that search kind of shows the issue with the #wiki tag. As it is also used for other reasons: collaborating on thinking about a community server… and not just for real support articles.

Well that’s an issue of using the tag in a wrong way then.

Your search is not searching for the tag but actual wikis. Some of the wikis found are not even tagged.

Or we need a #supportwiki tag… to distinguish it from other wiki’s.

That could work, but I prefer the category idea as the tag view is not great yet. You can’t pin a topic in a tag view, ordering topics by views or replies doesn’t work and if you tap on the search icon you don’t automatically get the suggestion to search in that tag.


Maybe stupid question: can a (wiki) article have multiple categories or is the category implemented as tree hierarchy?
Attaching two categories (same level) coukd solve the issue that supportwiki-fied threads would vanish from their original category an thus loose visibility in the forum

One topic can only have one category: tree structure.

Sigh… would have been too easy.


I’d like to bring up this great idea again: