We are using tags now

Hi everybody,

The Tags Plugin has been installed on the forum and will be used from now on. We will figure out, which tags will be used, as we go.

###Definition of tags

  • They clarify content of a topic (e.g. #fp1::tag and #fp2::tag for #hardware:repairs topics ) and/or
  • they tag a project, which has no subforum (yet!?) (like efct16) and/or
  • they occur more than once (like moderators).
  • Some special tags are unique, such as #dic:recoverymode .

You can find a list of tags here:


The list can also be found through a link in the hamburger menu:

Cheers, Stefan :slight_smile:

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I just created a lot of tags and I’d like to point out some of them:

###Fairphone’s 5 roadmap categories

We should really start some more discussions about these!

###Hot topics

Some topics come up again and again. I tried to gather and tag the most recent/relevant threads. Before creating a new topic please check if it doesn’t already exist.

###Special Post Types

###Issue Collections

###Unique Tags

I use those to quickly link to specific topics. Please don’t use these tags on other topics.


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Some changes will occur on wednesday as we update to the latest version of Discourse.
The tagging plugin is now part of the core code: