We're using tag groups now

Since more than a year now we are using tags and I think quite successfully.

Now I introduce a new addon-feature: tag-groups.

###Local Communities

For now we created one tag group with the parent tag #localcommunities and I added all the names of the communities as of the address book into that group.

:grey_question: Could some regulars please check if they can tag those posts with the corresponding tag? It should only be possible if you first add the #localcommunities tag.

###Unique Tags

Then there is another tag group for unique tags that only mods can give to topics. These tags are used to quickly link to a certain topic.

:grey_question: Could some regular please check if they can e.g. use the tag #batteryguide? It should not be possible to do that unless you use the #staff tag first and that should only be usable for mods and admins.

:grey_exclamation: If you want to have a new unique tag created so another certain topic can be linked to more easily just ask me or another mod to set it up.


Next I will split up the dictionary and give all the entries their own unique tag so everybody can quickly link to the explanations of words like adb, hard reset and recovery.

###More Groups

Are there any other tag groups you think we need? Let us know.

When a mod sets up a tag group we can:

  • Create a parent tag. These have to be added before being able to add a tag from that group. (E.g. you couldn’t use the tag #17.01 unless you used #openos before if we were to set it up like this)
  • Restrict to one tag per group. (E.g. we could create a group for post-types and make sure you can’t tag one topic with #wiki & #poll)
  • Create sub groups. I think! But maybe that would be to confusing.

Hi Paul, just enhanced this thread:

with the additional #franken tag.
Worked as described.


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