Waze on Fairphone 2 Open OS

I installed on my Fairphone 2 the free OS without trouble according to the instructions found on the web. All works fine and it is marvellous. But I would like to use the Waze application. I succeed to install it (I downloaded the apk file from www.apkmirror.com), I succeed to install it on the Fairphone, but when I launch the application I don’t see the map. Is someone can tell me if it is possible to use Waze with the Fairphone 2 Open OS ?
Thank you very much

Which map is Waze using? I could imagine it is using integrated calls to Google Maps through Google Framework. If so, maybe it could help to install either Open GApps or Microg. But it is just a rough guess as I’ve no idea, how Waze works.

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Sadly Waze is a google company since about 1 or 2 years. So I guess it behaves like Amber mentioned.


Ursprünglich von dem israelischen Start-Up Waze Mobile entwickelt, ging das Unternehmen im Jahr 2013 in den Besitz von Google über.

Quelle: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waze

Thank you very much for your answer. You gave me the idea to install Goggle Maps and it works very well so I decided to use it instead of Waze.

I got exactly the same problem. The funny thing is that just removing and reinstalling Waze (I use Yalp Store to install it) makes Waze working again, i.e. I can see the map. But after a while (sometimes a few weeks, sometimes less), maps suddenly disappear again…
However, I don’t have any google service installed on Open OS…
So I am quite lost about which cartography service Waze is using… :slight_smile:

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