Wanted: FP2 antenna cable

Does anyone have a broken FP2 core module with the antenna cable still intact? Or just the antenna cable assembly? One of the connectors of my phone’s antenna cable fell off and it seems next to impossible to reattach it.




Hi Andrea, bevor gar nichts geht könnte Anlöten eine Notlösung sein.

Are you sure it’s the connector on the cable and not (also) the connector on the core module that’s broken?
Where are you located? Maybe there are #fairphoneangels near you that have a core module laying around where something else is broken. E.g. here in Vienna we have one, but we don’t send stuff.

Another user was able to replace the cable by a different one some months ago (his original cable seemed to be impossible to reconnect with the connector, too):

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Yes, I’m quite sure, that’s only the connector next to the microphone.
I’m in Karlsruhe and Heidelberg. As I know till now, there are no fairphone angels here.

Thanks for the link!
I’d prefer a FP2 cable, but I’m thinking off this option, too.

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Did you ever end up e-mailing that person who has a broken Fairphone 2? I assume you could scavenge the cable from it?

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