Fairphone 2 Amsterdam (camera, screen, core module, battery)

Hi, I have a Fairphone 2 which you can pick up in Amsterdam. It doesn’t work anymore, but I am sure that parts are still usefull. I also have a spare screen, so there are two screens. If parts of the phone still work for you (I know that battery and camera work for sure), it would be nice if there is some sort of a compensation, but we can discuss this later. It is not about the money, but about recycling of course.

Please contact me at my emailadress: sjoerdvandersteen2@hotmail.com and leave your phone number so I can call you. I probably won’t be checking this forum.




Hey Sjoerd,

If you buy a FP3 you can send back your old FP2 for a cashback of 40 EUR. Are you aware of that?

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