Wanted: FP1 (2nd batch) motherboard in Belgium

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My FP1 doesn’t charge due to broken power transmitter. Turns out part of the motherboard broke off, so it cannot be brazed. I need a new motherboard.

So, if anyone wants to sell their FP1 for spare parts, please get in touch. I am in Antwerp, Belgium.

Thank you!

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Can you make it to Aachen / Aix-la-Chapelle in Germany?
Contact and further information in this thread:

[Link deleted]
Try contacting the “Fairphone-heaven” in Tilburg. You find the e-mail on the map linked further down.
Maybe they have the spare-part you need.
It’s just, that such spare parts are given to local folk, they can meet in person, check what is needed and maybe help with installation.
(Well, that’s the way as far as I know.)

Just saw on the #communitymap, that there’s a community in Tilburg as well, which is much nearer to Antwerp. Just not sure if that info is up-to-date and if they have spare parts as well. Just wondering, as Aachen happens to not be on the map.
The posting by @urs_lesse does explain it. Just made some more editing of the text above.


This is Tilburg calling :wink:
Yes, I have a motherboard for you.
But sadly for you the first date that I am available for a swap of the motherboard is Wednesday the 18th of July.


Hoi Lidwien,
Om zeker te zijn: zit die aansluiting om op te laden er dan op?
Hoeveel vraag je er voor? Of wil je iets anders in ruil?
Ik ben op vakantie tot einde juni. Het zal welllicht pas erna zijn.
Kom ik naar Tilburg of ben jij soms in Antwerpen, ergens halfweg?

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