Wallpaper of the locked screen

Hi everyone! I just received my Fairphone 2 which I’m most happy of :slight_smile: I was wondering wheter it is possible to set a photo as wallpaper of the locked screnn (the one you see when you press the button at the right of the screen to set it on). Also, I’d loke to ask how to get a screenshot. Thanks in advance fairphoners :smile:

that’s an easy one: press simultaneously “volume-down” + “on” (=main switch). you hear the camera-click, when successful. it takes a little training to hit both buttons really simultaneously : )

thank you so much @cristoph ! and you don’t know how to get a photo as a wallpaer of the locked screen? Sorry to other everyone, but i just realzed I’m not sure wheter the alarm will ring even if my ohne is shut down… have you ever tried that?

i don’t use a lockscreen but i suppose your wallpaper will also be shown on the lockscreen. choose your wallpaper by holding your fingertip on the screen: you get the choice for choosing a wallpaper in the lower left, see it?

Alarm will ring even when phone is shutdown: no. You might use flight mode instead of shutting down phone. (You’ll find this question at Can I make the phone turn on when the alarm is supposed to sound? when searching in this forum, using magnifier at top right of forum screen)

On your homescreen tap long on the row of dots below at your screen
Next you will get the option on the left below Wallpapers

You will have to set the clock to priority.
go to Settings,
go to Sound & Notifications
go to Notifications
set the app Clock to priority
Please try it before you go to sleep, if it is working the way you want it to work.

that’s a really useful hint LOL


thank you all so much!! :smile:

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