-volume button stuck

I received my new fairphone 4 23rd December and within 4 days the minus volume button is stuck down on one side . I can still use it but it seems to have happened out of the blue (no case on it and I’ve tried everything to get it unstuck)

Any suggestions? I’m unsure about if this is a warranty issue or if it can be fixed…

Hello Realspace, and welcome to the community!

It’s definitely a warranty issue. Go to support.fairphone.com to ask for further help.

However, you might want to try to dismount the phone yourself. If the buttons are accessible only with standard screwdriver, you could try, but do it safely: if you damage anything, you might void the warranty, so be careful and don’t hesitate to go on Fairphone’s or iFixit’s YouTube channels to check how to safely dismount your FP4.