Voicemail constantly nagging!

Hello, I’m finding that if I don’t check my voicemail immediately (something I’m disinclined to do when there’s bad signal, I know its just spam or I’m not in my home country and its going to cost me loads of money) then it keeps notifying me more and more often until its going several times a minute. Can anybody tell me how to just turn the f#:"%er off? I’m not ready to listen to it now, I’m not going to be ready in 20, 25, 40, 57 or 113 seconds time either. Please stop vibrating all day! It seems to be linked inextricably to ringer volume, so if i turn to volume down enough to not hear the constant notification tone, I also can’t hear incoming calls. I havent yet found a way to stop it vibrating even when on silent, and its driving me nuts! I know I could just listen to the voicemail but as aforementioned I know its spam and I’m several thousand miles away from home, and will be for at least 2 weeks more, in which I really don’t want to smash my phone against the wall. Any help, much appreciated!

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