Voice recording is broken after new software update


After I did the software update on my phone, all the voice messages is both WhatsApp and telegram are broken recorded. my phone is less than a week old. Do I need to send it back?
Thanks for your help


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When it is broken after a software update it is unlikely that the hardware has a failure, its most likely to be a software bug. what software update did you get?
Did anything else happend to the phone (falling of the table e.g.)?

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Thank you Sabine for your reply.
My phone has not fallen down.
It was a software update from fairphine which was followed with a restart, I believe. I did not pay so much attention since I just bought the phone (maybe after 1 day since I bought the phone) so an update made sense.

You should contact support before sending it back. If you believe this is a software problem you could also try out if a factory reset fixes the issue.

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I also installed the recent fairphone update but I do not have any troubles with voice messages or recording.
Maby the microphone somehow got lose. maybe it just need to be reconnected. which is easy because you can open the phone yourself…

for me recording audio or sending voice messages on Whatsapp work fine, but during Whatsapp calls my mic doesn’t work.

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Try testing the mics, there are three. I think the top one us used for hands free/ video


Alternatively dial *#*#2886#*#* and test each mic via the Service menu tests

what’s the microphone test called in that menu? because there’s nothing with an obvious name suggesting a mic test there.

that being said, 1) both top and bottom mics work when I use a voice recorder app that supports stereo recording, and 2) I don’t mean a hands-free or a video call (although I haven’t had an opportunity to test those), I mean a phone-like voice conversation over Whatsapp, where the phone touches my face and ear and even disables the screen via the proximity sensor, and which presumably uses the bottom mic like a regular phone call.

Will search, i suggest you do the same.

I have an FP3 and the options are clear on that


This topic/post indicates the test is available, maybe query there


Just looked for the test with my FP4, and it’s part of the Audio test option (you have to go through speaker tests first though). For me, they do seem quiet but they do work – my speakers made a horrible sound when I blew into the mic, even though I could barely hear my voice.

For reference: mic1 is at the bottom, mic2 is at the top, and mic3 is on the left side

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Just for reference on details about what Mic is used when and how



This is not a software issue all time, may be your hardware get face this problem. you can get help from internet ask them about your phone model etc.

I have the same issue using Signal messenger. Haven’t tested WhatsApp. But the microphones all work and regular calling/video recording etc works without problems.


Oh and recently I found out, even the built in sound recorder is broken as well. Wtf?!

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I have a similar issue with my Fairphone 3+. Microphones work on calls and in all other apps, but WhatsApp voice recordings don’t pick up anything. This wasn’t an issue until about a month ago.


This didn’t work for me just now. Has it changed recently?

Hi I only have an FP3 where the code is different *#*#66#*#*

The FP4 should still be *#*#2886#*#*

Note your quote isn’t the same as it misses the asterixes

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Same issue - mic works for absolutely everything else, speaker and not speaker, headphones and not headphones, but WhatsApp voice notes simply don’t pic up any sound.

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