Virus or real message?

I just got a pop up saying I have to install new software for android. If not my Fairphone will lock within the next day.
I have not downloaded the last version, as I have not had time to figure out how to do it. But this message I got today, I do not trust.
So can anyone tell me if that was a virus or a real message?

You will not be locked out if you don’t update your Fairphone OS, so this is not a Fairphone message.

However, I would recommend to always update your system, as the updates include security fixes.

To upgrade simply open the Fairphone “Updater” app, and follow the procedure there (self explaining).

Thank you!
I usually do not believe in such messages, but this one knew I was using a Fairphone, which is not common.
Is it possible to upgrade when not on WiFi? I am seldom close to a secure WiFi network…

Hi @maw,

if the message was something like “… if not you Fairphone will lock within the next day” it seems that some malware is trying to convince you to install software, which could be ransomware (after installing your phone will be encrypted and you are blackmailed to pay to unlock it).

I guess this pop-up opened during using your browser? For better performance and display reasons webclients send some information (user agent) to the webserver, with this information it is pretty easy to create a pop-up which “knows” what system you are using.

So I recommend not to trust this pop-up, do not install anything connected to this message and use a browser like Firefox or Opera where you can visit websites in “privacy” mode.


Thank you!
I have now downloaded Norton security to go through my phone to ensure I did not get any malware even though I did not accept the pop up. Seems I am clear for this time. And will continue to deny downloading whatever I do not ask for myself :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you are talking about, but next time, maybe a screenshot and the full text message will make it easier to help you :slight_smile: Just installing Norton security or other tools will not help you in the end … you need to understand the problem to find out where it comes from … if it was malware it will be still on your phone.

But without knowing more, I totally agree will everything @werner_noebauer writes. Most of the time it’s just browser generated spam.


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