Videos stop but I can still listen to them


I’ve been experimenting problems with my FP2 for a few months. I did a factory data reset one month ago but I still have problems: wifi disconnects randomly, my screen shows green pixels or freezes… and now I have a new one.

When I’m watching Youtube or Twitch, the video stops after a few seconds but I can still listen to it. I close and open the app again and it happens once again, until it doesn’t play the video anymore, so I have to restart the phone to watch it… But this doesn’t solve the problem at all, because it repeats again and again and again… When I restart the phone and the video works fine for 10 seconds, sometimes it reboots. And yeah, the video stops again and this is a vicious circle I can’t fix…

My phone is updated, it says I have OS 19.11.2, and Youtube and Twitch apps are updated aswell. Sometimes, when it doesn’t work, I delete the cache from both apps, also from that “Google Play Services” app. I don’t use a SD card, everything is installed in my phone, and I’ve only used 8GB, which means I still have 29GB of unused space.

Any idea how to fix this? :frowning:

You’re not the only one, you perhaps saw this topic:

I’d hope on the android 9 update that should arrive soon for FP2 to solve some software bugs.


Well, it might have been the same problem but at least in that case an SD card was used, which can’t be the culprit here…


Yes :frowning: I read that post yesterday, but I’m not using a SD card…

Anyway, thanks, Alex and Volker, I also hope Android 9 can fix this mess.

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Hi there,
I experience the same problems with my FP2 and the in Case of FP2 of my wife.

Additional from time to time it’s not possible to play videos posted in WhatsApp-Status.

Hopefully there comes help with Android 9.

I am not sure, if that might be the case.
But playing videos is a lot of work for the processor, while playing the sound is much less work.
At least videos freezing while the sound is playing happened to me even on my laptop.

Therefore it might simply be, that the SOC sometimes/in some cases can’t handle videos, depending on other apps working in the background, free memory/cache etc.
If that could be an explanation, it could help to reboot the phone, clear the cache, disable other running apps, free some memory.

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