All video stop after e few seconds or only the sound works

Since e few weeks, each video (from newssites, netflix, youtube) stops after e few seconds or they don’t even start. Many apps don’t react.
I cleared the in cache memory. My internal memory is free for almost half of it. My version is up to date. Wat is the problem?

Are you using an SD card as internal memory (extension)?

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Yes, I do. I just checked, on the sd-card is not that much space left : 1,8 gb. On FF2 still 12 gb free. Is that a problem?

Well, it’s not a problem per se. But I assume it’s just causing the problems you see. Maybe the SD card started to somehow fail some weeks ago. This may cause the problems you’re currently facing: that playing videos stops and that apps don’t react (maybe because of problems accessing data). I mean SD card is not failing completely but neither working perfectly any more.

So you’ll find often here in the forum that using SD cards as “internal memory” is not recommended.
One sample post with reasons can be found here.

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