Video mode issue on main camera


When I shoot photos with my main camera it works fine. But when I switch to video mode it says the app can’t establish a connection with the camera.
I already let it repair by my provider and been told they replaced the device, but the new phone got the same problem. Thus I think it could be a software problem.
One more detail: The picture and videos shot with my front cam are upside down.


Details about my device: FP2-XCVR, Fairphone OS 18.09.2 (Andoid 7.1.2), main cam 8MP OV8865, front cam 5MP OV5670

To see whether it’s hardware or software, please try with Open Camera for comparison.

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Thanks for the hint. With Open Camera everything works fine, so I can use the camera by now! So the problem should be with the Google camera app.

Had the same and I found out that decreasing the video quality from 1080p to 720p in the settings resolves things without resorting to third-party apps.
For the record, I have the “old” camera.

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