Video by a woman?

Dear Fairphone,

I totally love the idea of doing good.

So why a male who explains how the phone works?
Looks too much like that fruit company.

You guys and girls like to stand out in a crowd?

The other half of this planet is female.
So make a change here well!
Or make a video with alternating people female and male from all countries.

we are world citizens !


Good Idea, but I don’t think this is the right place to ask for it since this is “only” a community forum. I’m not sure if the right people (I guess PR department) even look through here.



Because he’s doing good.


I have seen many interesting videos by Fairphone so far and the person I saw most often in them was @anon2751513.

Hi all,

We have many where the Fairphone women are included:

Enjoy watching! :slight_smile:


@anon2751513 Thanks for the links, but my specific request concerns the explain video’s on your website.
Your face to the outside world.
Because That is where buyers watch how things work.
And there is a male explaining things.

You guys, donot have to change things.
I juist See this as a missed oppertunity for your company.

The video’s , for me, look the same as the fruitcompany i Will never buy Any product of anymore. Because of there Male domination of doing things.

I know many women work with you, as the Guy at the phone told me. But you choose for A Guy in the video.
So that is the point I am making.

Why? Is A questions you might consider.
Was there ever A discusion About this choice, or did you all walk into this oldfashion lane?
Was there A casting for both kinds?

If you choose for awarness, doing good and making changes, juist go all the way and stand out in A crowd.

Might Be interesting to look A treatment to women worldwide aswell, and donot get shockend About what you Will discover…
Your reply can Be you have A different view and this does not fit.

IT is your choice what lane to walk.
Frankly i would think iT is A clever move to make.9

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Could you share a link to the video you are talking about? I don’t know which “explain video” you are referring to…

Personally I think that men and women should be treated equally (of course keeping in mind the biological differences). However, I would never assume that Fairphone intentionally put a man above a woman.


Also to really treat everyone equally they would probably have to hire actors to have a representative of every gender on the spectrum in their videos and I don’t think that would be money well spent.


Af Paul and Stefan

These video’s are on fairphone website.

If treated equal the questions stays:
Why choose for A man?
Technical things are mainly preseted by males, we can do the Cleaning stuff or roll around on cars.

All people who reply to my message , except Bibi, are Male and donot know that: yes we say both genders are equal,
But in theory and practise all is the same, in practise this is not. Females still get pair lees them men, beauty products ( shaving Knives are more expensive for females ) etc ect.

Fairphone is young and can Be an example for nowadays society. So just tip them to aim at the other 50% aswell.

My only question to anyone in the start in fairphone is : was choosing for A Male in video A choice made by heart, or just because the remake rond not cross your mind ( due to all things that needed to Be organized in the heath of the moment?

No more commentaar needed by males sinds you made your point clear.
And reality? No there still is not enough equlity between men and women.
GO stand in our shoes for one day.

I still think it’s a bit odd that you talk about gender equality and in the same sentence use the phrase “both genders”. Equality should be for everyone and not just the majority.


Oh yeah, razor blade manufacturers are so sexist! On the contrary I go to shoe shops - and see what? The women’s section is at least twice bigger than the men’s section. That’s what I’d call unfair. :wink:

PS.: The Fairphone costs the same for both genders, sexes, etc. :wink:


zomergasten dit zegt onze premier als mensen hem op straat tegen komen:daar loopt de baas.Antwoord Rutte: je vader is de baas en ik ben in dienst van de kiezer.
Stefan als je meer schoenkeuze wilt:Ga aan de slag met de schoenen winkels, als je meer keuze wiltEn ik kocht altijd al die voor mannen (mannen scheren langer dus ik ga er vanuit dat die kwalitatief beter zijn).Dat doe ik nu bij Fairphone.Niet vanwege seksisme maar vanwege dat er nog steeds gedacht wordt in een oud patroon.
Ga de komende weken jezelf na of je omgeving.Je mond gaat open vallen

There are already many reasons not to buy apple products.
But i’ve never heard they represent male domination. Can you tell us more about this ? What elements gave you this opinion ?

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There have been so many issues about the word.fairness with Fairphones good intention. If gender fairness maybe is the last issue then Fairphone can be sure no other misunderstanding about Fairphone’ s fair trade should be possible. I can"t help to allow myself a bit of sarkasm: Because of all flaws and outtages of the device I am just glad that no nice girl presents them. I would be happy to hear that women would have made other decisions about a downsized support team. Maybe the answer to the question of this topic could shed a light on some critical decisions of FP’s CEO team. I would rather like to know if women have had any influence on CEO decisions.

thanks, This is a good point aswell.
My only reason for a video by a women is that we are also technical.
It feels patronizing.
And nothing wrong with a nice good looking, intelligent an sweet women presenting a good and technical product.
The times that feminist had short hair and other general opinions is gone.
Feminist nowadays also wear red lipstick and do not hide there femininity.

But where are the CEO 's of Fairphone, except Bibi,
I do not hear them so when no reply from the CEO of fair phone I am done with this.
Not my hobby to have discussions online.
The guy on the phone advised me to ask it here but no reply for the ones who decided this

Thanks for all your replies.
This is my last one.
When Fairphone CEO do not reply.
Then it is what is is

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All the time I needed service only meet men.
At stores, at the phone etc
Can you give me one name of an important female within the Fruit company?

Why not start a career there yourself? (Either Apple or Fairphone.) Would be one woman more then!

I already run 3 companies.

Donot take iT Personal Stefan,
iT is only A question to CEO’s of Fairphone.

I hope you realize this is a community forum. It is meant (and used, even moderated) by FP-users. Not by FP staff. And certainly not by FP-CEO’s.

Further, I really don’t get your point. Yes, the video you give as an example, shows a man. But other videos show women. So, there is already much more equality in these videos then there is with so many other tech companies. Is the problem really that the “man-video” is about explaining how something works, and the “woman-video” not? Do you realize all the people that explain things in FP videos are just staff members, each for their topic of expertise? So, in fact you are saying FP should not have hired a man to work on the support. What kind of equality would that be? (it would mean a job offer restricted to one gender…)

I know there are still many fights to be fought in order to get some gender equality. But please, try to pick your fights. I really don’t believe this is an issue where women are treated less.