Video by a woman?

After 2 days regarding this topic I understand how it should treat more about the specific kind of videos e.g the tutorial videos as guides to the product application e.g. as FP2 product video guides. I guess @behappy is right when she found out that there is no technical video as a product guide presented by a woman from FP e.g. a woman from the support staff that produced the videos. And yes, FP has surely more than one woman in the support staff who could have explained how to use the FP2 device. THough only FP management could answer this question why not discuss it anyway here in a relaxed atmosphere ? Only because it is not a technical question for a technical help forum that helps successfully an overstrained support team ?

I guess it is not easy because the support team who produced the tutorial videos didnot even had a chance or a minute of time to think about this before starting the camera. If you have a straight job with those videos and the support still is overstrained by the personal situation for more than 1/2 year you maybe cannot take gender equality in your consideration. You can only make a happy face.

It is a bit striking to me that FP as a company that takes so much effort and care about their public image maybe took not enough care in the same way about public presentation due to the tutorial technical videos. I think they didnot think about it as they didnot think too much about the consequences about a struggeling and tightened support team at all.

The phone support team adviced me to ask the question here.
So I did.
To recieve all Male replies around this topic
So i rest my case in gender equality ( not all replies where strong but the majority yes).

I followed the advice of Fairphone Guy who suggested to ask iT here sinds Fairphone staff is also here.

Please ask questions, since you assume things.
This is what i am trying to do.

But this question of mine arose many reactions.
That makes me wonder how equality is treated

Thanks, this is what i throught aswell.
Due to Be overwelmed by the succes of the product, desicions had to Be made instantly since anoher descion was there to Be made again. So totally understand that there was not time to rethink all.

I donot understand what is wrong About asking A critical question ( adviced by callcenter of Fairphone ) which is only there to add Better PR to the product.
And make is more fair.
To all the guys that think that there is already Total equality between the genders in the west, i wish iT was but is still is not like this.
And for the rest of the world iT certainly still is not the case.
But this is not the issue I make. I just ask a question to get a reply to the persons who know the answer.

Did anyone in this topic suggest this? Please, don’t attack me (or others) just because of my gender. Don’t assume all men are rude and not interested in gender equality.

I think you are right, the majority of members on this forum are male, so most people reacting to any topic will also be male. How to solve this? I really wouldn’t know: it’s up to everyone to decide for him- or herself whether to register on this forum or not. If most people who decide to register here and take part in the discussions, are male, where is the cause for this? Are many FP-owning women not interested? I don’t think so. Do you know a way to attract more women to the forum, so there would be more women answering questions like yours?


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I don’t think your question is critical in any way. If I look on top of the support web site e.g. I have always found 1-2 women by fotos indicating gender equality in the support team. I guess there are more women in the support team. So your question makes sense to me in a simple way why this relation in any proportion cannot be found for the series of tutorial video . Since @anon2751513 couldnot (until this morning) shade any light on a simple question like this … . Guess what , I hope now a man ( @Douwe ? ) could be man enough trying to find an answer to your question decently. Then we have gender equality even on this case :wink:

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Hey all!

So happy that you are discussing this very important issue here on the forum: gender equality is an often overlooked and pushed to the side topic. But I, and many with us at Fairphone, think it is very important. (Crazy enough: this week news broke that CO2 emissions are on the rise and top-positions held by woman in The Netherlands are declining. In other words: we are collectively failing on many fronts.)

But to answer your question: Yes: we should have more woman in tech videos! Ideally 50/50!
And we should have more woman on the forum, and as moderators. Also, we hope to have more woman on our developers team (we do not have a single one!) and more man on our Value Chain team (the first one just joined!)

At support things are better. The team consists currently of 21 people of which 13 identify as man and 6 identify as woman.

As for how the current tutorial videos were made; it basically went like this: one day we hired a guy to come in with a really big and expensive camera to shoot the tutorials. We then looked who was available in the office to do the video (be a hand model, as we call it) Not only does @anon44125571 have beautiful hands, he was also the only person that day who was available. Before it was @taritha who was doing the hand-moddeling, but she wasn’t in that day.

As for how the video was made you mention: that was 3 years ago and Fairphone was still a very tiny company. Probably Joe just had the best haircut or was the only one with a cat free apartment. (you wouldn’t want one of those hairy feline friends to run over the camera!).

So there you have it: Fairphone is sometimes still the bootstrapped startup we were 3 years ago and no thoughts considering gender were given when these videos were made. And you’re right: it is something we now can and should consider when making new videos.

Thank you for raising the subject! I hope I answered the question. If not; let me know.


ps. check the link to the videos @anon2751513 posted above, most of them gloriously pass the Bechdel Test!