Video; audio and visual out of sync

I recorded a video but when I played it back I found that the first minute or so was a frozen picture but the audio had started. The picture eventually started to move but obviously it was then behind the audio. The audio ends and the picture is still playing for the last minute, because it is out of sync. Does anyone know what went wrong? I don’t want this to happen again so I’d like to fix it. Kind of ruined the video of my son’s school assembly!

You may want to calrify the following

  • OS and update
  • App used to record
  • Do you use an SD card and is it formatted as Internal
  • How are you playing back the video
  • What frame rate etc. are you using and have you tried alternatives to test

Have you tried using safe mode that disables any custom app that you may have installed and be interfering with the default setup

I only bought the phone a few months ago so I assume it came with the latest updates. I just used the video option that comes with the phone. I think it is saved to the phone; it says the location is /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/… . I played the video in the Photos section of the phone. I didn’t change the frame rate or anything else, so it would be the default one. In the Details, it says 2.1MP 1920x1080.

Hope that helps.

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Yes thanks.

As you seem to be using the deafult I would expect it to work without the issues you describe.

About the storage: do you use an SD card?

I do use an SD card, but I think that the video saved to the phone storage because it says the location is /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/… .

Yes saving is usually to the built in SSD as it saves faster, however if you have an SD card and it is formatted as Internal it can cause conflicts.

Check to see if you have an eject symbol to the right of the SD card Settings > Storage, if not please read

Thanks, this could well be the problem. Maybe I need to format the SD card again as external. Although, I do see Eject as an option when I go into the SD card in Settings and it does have an option “Format as portable”.

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