Vicious circle - cannot open apks anymore without Amaze. I would install Amaze, except that I can't open its apk

Hey all, the title says it all - and here’s hoping it’s just a newbie oversight on my part:

  1. I had the usual problems that everyone else had here updating to Open 17.06.4.
  2. Reset to factory.
  3. Installed Open 17.06.4.
  4. Sideloaded the FDroid apk to start the process of reinstalling my apps…
  5. The file browser, accessible from Settings → Storage & USB → Explore, can’t open the apk.

So now I’m stuck, because I can’t install apps until I install an app that will allow me to install apps… Can anyone help me short-circuit this issue?


Can’t you open the app via the “all apps” button?
How did you sideload it? Install it via adb?

Hey @lklaus, thanks for the reply.

  1. My understanding is that in order to open an app, it needs to be installed first. And this is the step I’m not able to perform.
  2. If the above is wrong, then could you point me to the “all apps” button? is it the one at the bottom of the screen with many little circles inside a larger one?
  3. Sideloaded via bluetooth from my computer.
  4. Install via adb: never done before, not familiar with adb. Will attempt if no quicker solution comes up.


Ok, now i understand it better. The apk was just transferred, not installed.
Probably the built in file manager is too basic, so it does not know what to do with that file. Bad.
Yes, the white circle is the “all apps” button
I would then go the adb way, except somebody else has another idea. I’m still struggling with the differences between lp and mm :wink:


Can you point me towards a good tutorial for adb, I did a quick search after reading your comment but they seem to assume knowledge of command line etc. I’m starting from zero.

lp vs mm: what? I have no idea what you’re talking about :smiley:

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Right now I’m not at home, so I’ll have to do this later. But maybe you could do it like written here: Fairphone Open 17.06.4 (Android 6.0) release

Lp: lollipop
Mm: marshmallow


Thank you @lklaus, trying it right now.

The solution you linked above worked! Riskier, but quicker :).


Just stumbled over this site:

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Thank you @lklaus, very grateful!

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