Vibration variants

Good Morning,
I am looking for changing the vibrating to another Standard, in my old Phone you could Change von intermediate to pulsating or zig bee, in total there were 6 Variante, but in my FP4 i couldn’t find it.
Could someone Help?

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Which old phone are you comparing here exactly? I think I could do this as well on my Pixel 3, but I believe only with the Android 12 update. So if it’s a native Android 12 feature, then in a few months we’ll have it Although I personally don’t think it will matter much, since the vibration motor of the FP4 is too weak to notice it, no matter what the pattern. But that’s a relative experience of course.

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I don’t think it’s an AOSP feature (or needs firmware support), I can’t select different patterns on a FP4 running Android 13 (CalyxOS, AOSP based).

Where’s that option on the Pixel? Settings → Sound and vibration → Vibration and haptics? :thinking:

It is a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and it is running with Android 10


Just to link

And to second @hirnsushi

I can neither change the vibration “style” with Iode Android 12 on the FP3

I think it was somewhere where you can set the ringtones and things like that. Don’t have my Pixel 3 near me right now. It could be Pixel added value features of course.

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