How to increase the haptic feedback?

The haptic feedback is very low. It’s barely noticeable when it’s in my pocket when someone calls me. Normally you can adjust the intensity of the haptic feedback for calls, notifications and touch (accessibility settings → vibration & haptic feedback).

But on my Fairphone 4 I can only turn it off or on. Now that could mean there is no way to change the intensity, however, in Gboard’s preferences under vibration strength on keypress I can change the intensity, above the default. Which is better.

Am I missing some extra setting where this can be set? Since Fairphone have some setting customization elsewhere for the display. Otherwise I’ll report this as a feature request.

Normally means on Pixel Phones? I don’t have something like that on the FP2 either.

Pixel phones are pretty much stock Android. But I’m not making the comparison here with Pixel phones. The setting is still called “Vibration & haptic strength”. That implies you can adjust the strength of it. I guess this is a support request then.

If I have a look in the gogol Knowledge Base I can also see only the three possibilities like on FP4. But no strength settings suggested in Headline…

is gogol already promising more than they can deliver?

on my pixel 5, the haptic feedback is as light as in fart in the wind.
The FP4 is a real tank compared to that.

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Strange, I also had this adjustment slider on my OnePlus One back in the day. Maybe it is something custom, it would still be a great addition to the FP4. Because the vibration motor is not going to notify me of a call or notification at the current strength. I’ll wait for the customer support to get back to me and see if they want to include it on their feature request list.

I’m not comparing it to a Pixel phone here. I’m just saying that I don’t feel an incoming call when the FP4 is in my pocket. I don’t know how a Pixel 5 is, never held that one. The vibration motor of the FP4 can be stronger, Gboard proves that. So it would be great to increase that intensity, don’t you agree?

I’m not attacking anyone or anything here. Just figuring out how I can improve this. So please, let’s not get on the defense here.

you are right
i also love it as hard as possible…

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Lineage v18 basis android 11 same.
only on/off but no strenght setting :frowning:

Would be perfect if it would be implemented!

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I guess it depends on the hardware, if you can control the speed or moving pattern of the motor.

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Gboard is able to do it :slight_smile: That’s why I created this thread, otherwise I would conclude the same thing, that it’s just the way it is. But apparently it is possible to go beyond to what the OS provides.

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I don’t think GBoard manages it by increasing the speed of vibration, instead increasing the length of vibration.

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Sure, it depends of the hardware.
Matters the motor.
But i think that the default threshold is not set to maximum, so that there should be potential to screw it up…

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I got my FP4 a few days ago and I have the exact opposite request. I want to turn the vibration down because it’s so loud…
So a slider in the settings would be great. :smiley:

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Hi, I was wondering whether there is a way to crank up the vibration intensity on my FP4? I seem to miss it quite a lot when it’s in my pocket…

No worries if it can’t be done I can make do :+1:

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic.

There is sadly still no option to change the intensity :see_no_evil:

I love my fairphone 4 but if there is one drawback I found is that the vibrations are too weak.

I come from a fairphone 2 where it was (too) strong but at least I never missed a call.

Today I have to turn on ringtones and constantly have to play with volume up/down to match my environment which is cumbersome.

My FP2 was always on vibration mode it was really cool to know if something was important without having any music/sound.

Even placed on my desk, It is hard to tell if the phone is vibrating: the room should be quite silent.

If I can say it another way: if the FP4 hadn’t a vibration motor it would be exactly the same to me.


I agree, I also miss this, coming from a Pixel 3 the difference is day and night. The P3 gives strong, clear and detailed vibrations, especially during typing. But the FP4 is mostly making noise. In my pocket I don’t feel anything.

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Yes the Vibration motor of the FP4 is a lot weaker than the FP2 one.

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Personally I believe that the vibration motor can be adjusted because it is a “standard” component which is usually adjustable. I believe this is a Softwarte bug and Fairphone should include this feature into one of the next software updates.

Solution/Change Request:
Add customisation bar for vibration feedback into Settings “Vibration & haptic strenght”

Very simple.
Dear Fairphone team please consider this change request and make it happen!



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Such requests need to be send to Fairphone directly, the forum is no official support platform. #contactsupport

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