Vibration ingoing messages

Hey guys, need some help: How can I turn off vibration for incoming messages?
And 2.: How the hell is the alarm going to stop? Is there a shortcut? Pressing the volume button does not lead to any reaction.

  1. Go to the settings of your message app.
    There must be a setting to turn of the vibration.
  2. To turn of the alarm, you swipe from left to right. The same as answering a phonecall.

Thanks for the 2.nd - I knew there must be a simple trick :wink:
To the first - I already looked in the settings but only found it for calls. Do you know the exact submenus?

For the first don’t look in the general settings, but in the settings of each app. In the messaging app that I use I have to tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom of the screen to the right.

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