Very poor network connectivity

I have an FP2 which I bought in early 2016 and in the past 6 months I’ve been experiencing some major connectivity issues. When indoors I am often unable to make or receive calls and data transfer is effectively impossible. Additionally in places where I can get some data connectivity it seems to work only if the phone is perfectly still - such as lying flat on a table - as soon as I grab it the connection drops out.

I tried cleaning the contacts on the back of the display module using isopropyl alcohol as suggested in another post. They were indeed very oxidized but cleaning them had no effect. I also detached and reattached the antenna cable but to no avail.

Something that is particularly odd is the network indicator. It often displays full strength with the small H on the side when it’s actually impossible to even make calls - let alone transfer data. Then sometimes instead of solid white it becomes grey with black vertical bars, the same design as in older versions of Android. When it’s that way I have no network at all.

Is there anything else I can try? This is making the phone almost useless to me and it’s a shame because aside from this I have had no issues with it.

You may read through this thread.
This problem could also apply to you.
Maybe the cable is not fully disconnected but just too loose to assure a proper connection/reception.

Thanks Patrick. My antenna cable is intact but just to be sure I’ve disconnected and reconnected it again, accurately cleaning the contacts to no avail. I’ve even used a multimeter to ensure that there was a proper connection between the connector on the system board and the one on the small board on the bottom of the phone. I’m starting to wonder if the connection must be broken in the system board itself, because of a partially disconnected solder pad or something like that.

Yes, you might be right.
Such things may be the cause too as someone could figure out being the case for many broken bottom modules having issues with the microphone.
This very skilled guy has quite a lot of insight into such things.

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