Very low speaker volume

Hi all,
I have a FP3 from 1 year and half, and I have a big issue:
the speaker volume during the call is too much low (headphone and handsfree speaker works). It occurs always from last week.
This issue happened exactly one year ago, and at that time I was able to contact the customer support and I send him the phone and they fixed, but I don’t know what they did, seems they did just a software update.
So now they are not responding and I need to use the phone and I’m searching for a solution.
Any idea to put back the phone at initial software condition? I think this is an issue caused by some software error.
When I try to put back in factory conditions, I noticed that in reality the firmware is not replaced by the original one, just clean the user datas.
Any idea?


I think the software, on a factory reset just cleans the phone and re-initiates the latest update you already have.

When you say the speaker volume is low, have you tested it with the in-phone option?

If not dial *#*#66#*#* on the keypad and select Service tests > Test single > Receiver test

On the latest Anroid 10 V0084 you will hear a Chinese song, I can hear if well enough with the phone away from me on the desk. This will ensure the speaker is functioning.

Have you also updated to the latest A10 V0084?
Hopefully you have checked the options under Settings > Sound >

How long did it work since fairphone ‘Fixed it’ and can you relate the issue to any update or app installation. There is apparently a safe mode in which to start the phone, I haven’t looked into it yet but that may provide some info.

When you say Fairphone are not responding, how did you contact them and when? If by email did you at least get an acknowledgement of your query?

yes done. during this test the volume is fine.

yes, the Android 10 sw version is: 8901.3.A.0084.20210204

This time are exactly 365 days (first time occurred 4 months after purchase)

I did a ticket request one week ago


OK you seem to have a lot in hand. Did you get any response, acknowledgement like a default email saying they would respond in x no days ~ I imagine you haven’t got a ticket number yet.

Yes I have a ticket and it’s open, but I didn’t received any email from them.

OK so you have a ticket number but since then you have heard nothing more.

As you seem to have tried a lot of options it does seem as thought the response time is a big issue, but you haven’t clearly indicated the timeline.

How long since you received the ticket number and did Fairphone say how much longer they would be? It does seem to be a common complaint that support response is very slow.

it’s odd that there was exactly a year between both occurrences ??

If you are up to installing a different OS then you may find a solution ? Either /e/ LOS or an older version of A10 V0054 fro example. However if you do that you will have to reinstall A10 0084 before support will look at the phone.

Could you please indicate me how to put an older version like the A10 V0054? a link or a tutorial?

Hi here’s a tutorial by Fairphone

and here’s a link to downloads

If you have an SD card in the phone ensure it is formatted as external as there are many problems associated with it being formatted as internal.

Then I think it’s just a settings problem.
Did you realy check all options in the sound settings or when pressing one of the volume buttons?

As @incanus has said, we hope you have checked all the basics :slight_smile:

You are right, I tried to format and use as internal, and all the time that I restart the FP3, the SD card is damaged…

I suppose you will try and get all the useful data off the SD card as per the link and set the phone up without one. Luckily my SD card was carrying data from my Samsung (images, photos, docs etc.) so there was no temptation to format the SD card upon insertion.

So in theory if I install the latest update with the manual procedure, I will real overwrite the current installation that could be corrupted a little and then causing the issue to the receiver.

Sounds good my thinking?

Yes that may work. The main issue is that it will wipe everything and of course you could try and older version, 0054, 0066, 0077, etc not that I advise it although there is a post/claim that the 0054 version didn’t have the error with hands free mic problems, but did have network issues.

Also if you install an older version you will be prompted to update to the newer version anyway.

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