Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

Which version dated 2017-08-27 or 2017-09-09?

2017-09-09 and previus with 2017-08-27

Honestly I don’t know, I bought my FP second hand with Sailfish already installed - so I just installed and patched to my needs and everthing was running smooth - then I made a twrp backup and thought as I’m safe now … I could try to update to - didn’t think about repos and problems because I thought I can alaways roll back with my backup :frowning:
Well now I’m on Lineage (as boring as Android …) and wait for the next release with the new kernel for the new camera modules …

There appears no problem with Bluetooth when applying ExplIT’s FP2 image to Fairphone Opensource OS16.11 which was his last recommendation, so problem seems to be usage of components from later FP Open Android 6 releases.

First to install with ExpliiT, in my fp2 there is fairphone os 1.8.1, in mer wiki says that it is supported,
but ExpliiT says that is supported fairphone os 1.13.0.
I think that fairphone 1.8.1 is ok with ExpliiT.

I really don’t want to bother you but Lineage is really as boring as Android and I want SFOS back on my FP - any milestones on your roadmap for the new kernel? Or will I have to replace the new camera modules with the old ones again to flash the current port version :frowning:
Many thanks for your work!

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Hardly surprising. LineageOS is Android :wink: .

True - but without the google bloat but that of course doesn’t change the logic behind the gui

I have some other projects that I have also tried to get out of the way and now that one of the bigger ones, that was delayed for too long already, was finished I can finalize the next Sailfish OS release for FP2. One of the reasons for working on other projects was that I was waiting for the new official Sailfish OS version release before releasing for FP2, but the new version release was cancelled about a week ago but I’m making the release anyway using the pre-release repos available. I just finished rebasing all of my FP2 Sailfish OS repos to latest 17.09.3 FP Open release and this build should hopefully also fix the broken camera recording in my Android 6 base and I can continue with testing this weekend. If all goes well I can make a the first Android 6 based release soon after that. Sorry that everyone has had to wait for so long for the release.


That’s great to hear - no rush take the time you need, I didn’t mean to push you - it’s really amazing what you’re doing for the community without any further contributions from Jolla or Fairphone - manny thanks !

Jolla released the just today to early adopters - so a new stable build should be just round there corner - might be worth waiting a few more days before you cooking your new release …

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@mal I see you have created a folder for SFOS on devel branch.
This version it is usable (as the previous devel version)?
This version it is usable with android 5 or it need to upgrade to android 6?
For a 2 year old FP2 is it usefull to upgrade to android 6 (and using your SFOS version)
Thanks for all

I will release Sailfish OS only using Android 6 base. I have been busy with work so I haven’t been able to focus on the new Sailfish OS version yet. I will try to get something done in the next few days. I still had problems with video recording in my previous tests using Android 6 base so I will have to figure out why the method I tried didn’t work because it should have worked.

Also some good news for future, the camera button should be working on the release after this one (i.e. Sailfish OS 2.1.3) because the support for it was added for Xperia X and FP2 uses the same events for camera button.

The devel repo will move to Android 6 base sometime soon so I suggest nobody updates to using devel repo before I tell it’s ok because moving to Android 6 base needs some instructions for users.


Fairphone 2 Sailfish OS port has now a bug tracker at Please use that for reporting any issues you observe. It is also useful to look for any existing reports for similar issues on other devices at because many issues might not be FP2 specific.


Any update about SailfishOS on Android 6 Base?

Sorry, I have been very busy at work so I haven’t had time to do anything else for a while but now I should have some more time again but I have tried to take it easy after to huge amount of work I did. Also the build service (Mer OBS) is currently partially broken (the updating of installation patterns does not work so any new packages or patterns needed won’t be installed) which prevents simple OTA updates for new releases on ported devices. Hopefully the maintainer of that system has time to fix it sometime soon. There is also a somewhat ugly way to hack around the problem which I may use if the fixing would prevent release otherwise. Anyway I’ll try to continue fixing the video recording issue soon.


@mal: Is there any way to support you, other than motivating you by asking for updates? :wink:
On the bug tracker I can see what is being worked on but no means to actually get involved.
Maybe I missed a link somewhere but currently I would be willing to help but have no means to assess if I even could be of any help.


There are no instructions how to contribute because I have a bad habit of just doing everything myself. I think if someone sees something in bug tracker or notices on the device that they might be able to help fix then they would tell me about it so we can discuss the issue and how to proceed. The remaining issues are not very trivial anymore and require some understanding how things work.

Would be great if more people would be able to contribute -that is one of the biggest advantages of open source after all! :wink:

And as you described, sometimes “real work” just gets the better of us and it takes time to recover before continuing with hobbies such as this…

Volunteers with enough skills could pick up things to fix from the bug tracker and send suggested patches as pull requests… Any reason that would not work with Sailfish FP2?

Have they fixed the build service already?

Anyway, thank you for your great work so far! :relaxed: :+1:

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I have nothing against others fixing known issues as long as I’m informed about the work so there won’t be the same work done by different people. The sources are available and the build instructions are not that difficult.
The problem in the build system was fixed and also a new Sailfish version was released so we can get the working camera button already in the upcoming release. I’ll have to try to fix the remaining video recording issue in the build so I can finally make the release.
Once again sorry for the long delay.