Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

Hi, I have installed sailfish os in my fairphone 2 some day ago.
It work fine but now the sound not work.
The pulseaudio daemon does not start at the start of the phone and run csd command in terminal cause to reboot the phone.
I do not know how fix this problem.

Whoa, thanks for the tip on the new camera module availability. Do these need new kernel modules for Sailfish?


I haven’t heard of such issues before, assuming you have the correct android base on the device. When did you buy the phone? Did it have android 6 installed as new? Some of the latest devices might need to wait for the next Sailfish OS release.

The new camera module needs the latest kernel included in Android 6. So to use it you need to wait for my next Sailfish OS release.


I don’t remember that but i have installed sailfish os using an installer created by a user of this forum.
I have used this discussion to have it: SailfishOS on the Fairphone 2 - Images for installation
The fairphone that i bought was secondhand.


@mal do you have any bandwidth to provide blueborne security patch for sailfish fp2? it’s kinda scary.

I can include that to the next release, or if people really want it sooner then I can fix it for the current release so kernel could be manually updated via command line.

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I guess depends on the next release timeframe. If 4-8+ weeks away, perhaps updating the current kernel would make sense.

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Just in case someone wants to use the double tap to wake - I found a little workaround …

Install @coderus ‘Display Sneek Peak (LPM)’ patch (no mce tools required) and when you now take the device out of your pocket or flip it (when the display has been facing down …) LPM display mode will be enabled and you can wake up the whole OS by double tap …

It’s not the real thing, but at least no button is needed any more :wink:

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Grmblfx - messed my device up …
After everything has been running smooth now I decided to finally update to (had still everything went through until an error about missing jolla-settings-system-sideloading - retried automatically 9 times then error …

After that the store sent error messages - sure I changed the repos - this was the point where I should have set back the release to …

But I thought I’m clever and just could do a rollback with my twrp backup …
… unfortunately that ended with an Error 255 and a reboot loop …

So for now I’m going to flash Lineage so I can at least test the new camera modules :wink: and wait for the next Sailfish port release with the new kernel …

I have reinstalled sailfish os, I wanted to ask if is normal that when i select “search device” in the pulley menu in “settings -> bluetooth”, the phone reboot.

I’m wondering what repos you used since that jolla-settings-system-sideloading package should be used only on 2.1.1.x releases and the patterns for do not contain that. From the version I assume you used devel repos?

That is an quite odd issue. I heard of that issue two days ago but cannot reproduce it.

I can confirm that Emma Smith’s latest Fairphone installation for Noob elicits this response using these attributes if any help:
Version Info:
Date: 2017-09-09
Script version: 1.53
Sailfish OS:
Fairphone Open: 16.10.0/17.07.6
The cache and system files in the TWRP image “SailfishOS_2.1.0.11_fp2-sibon-16.10.0_csp_v0.1” have been excluded from the installer, as Sailfish contains files in data and boot partitions only (saves 236 MB).
Has been tested on Windows 7/Ubuntu 16.04 LTS AND Windows 8.1 (thank you, “aspergerguy”).
Layout has been adjusted to prevent wrapping of user input.

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Not sure if I understood correctly what you wrote. Do you mean with that Noob installation image the bluetooth reboot issue appears?

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Correct, I had noticed that Bluetooth was enabled right after installing Sailfish image via TWRP but hadn’t looked any further until seeing this post.

Ok, that sounds bad. I will have to check how that image was created because I haven’t heard of anyone else than the users of that image complaining about the issue and I have never observed it myself. I use the the normal instructions described in the wiki page since I’m the one who wrote those. The Noob installation image was created by others and I had nothing to do with that except I gave some hints for improving the script used for the installation. I never tested it myself.

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I will try and check if this behaviour is elicited in both of the versions that Emma Smith has compiled from ExplIT’s image as hadn’t noticed it first time around. I had just been ensuring that batch file worked upon Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 10 32-bit as hadn’t got Ubuntu available. As ExplIT no longer has FP2 device he was in no position to follow this installation process unfortunately.

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I have used the script with windows 10