Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

Alright @AnotherElk :slight_smile:
But yes, the problem could be related to that new memory chip… :neutral_face:

If there really is some hardware change that causes only Android 6 to work on certain hardware revisions then I probably have to move the Sailfish OS port to also use Android 6 as the base. This will require patching the needed repos again and rebuilding the whole adaptation. This will of course cause some problems for OTA updates in Sailfish OS since the users will have to remember to flash the new base Android right after updating Sailfish OS since that won’t work until base Android is correct. Changing the Android base used on FP2 port of Sailfish OS was planned but not a very high priority but maybe I need to move that to higher priority now.


I would highly appreciate it :slight_smile:

If it is of any use, I would keep my current phone for a while, so I could use my FP as test unit until the build stabilizes…

I have no idea about the time needed for rebuilding all of SF. Are we talking weeks here or months rather?

That depends on what kind of problems I encounter but with good luck it might be a week but with bad luck maybe a month. I patched the Android 6 repos already but currently I cannot get those to compile successfully, Maybe I’m missing something because the Android 6 manifest for FP2 has not been pushed to gerrit yet so I had to make one myself, it looks like some dependency issue so either I disabled some important repo or forgot add it in the first place.


Just a small status update on the process of moving to use the Android 6 base for Sailfish OS. Currently only remaining issue compared to previous Android 5 based release are broken video recording and the old issue with battery drain, I need to see if Android 6 base can work with the old firmware so that can be solved temporarily while I investigate an alternative way of fixing the issue. Also the release of Sailfish OS 2.1.1 has been delayed so hopefully I get the image in working state by the time that happens.


Hi everybody. It’s been a few days now that I was using sailfish os thanks to Explit and his “solutions for noob” which cannot be more appropriate for me.
But because of the 2 apps hat I use the most don’t work with sailfish, I’ll go back to android for now.

BUT how ? factory reset ? re-running the Explit’s script and stopping it at fairphone OS step ?
can somebody tell me please.
Thanks a lot everyone for this very helpful thread

You can install Fairphone Open OS back via recovery (by holding volume up button, usinng OTA zip) or fastboot (using “manual” zip), the images can be found from here To get back to Fairphone OS you can follow these instructions

thanks a lot, I was going to do this.

I can’t resist and ordered the new camera modules - is it worth to wait a few more days for a new Sailfish update or will I have to flash Lineage to test them and have to return to Sailfish in a few weeks … thanks

Hi, I have installed sailfish os in my fairphone 2 some day ago.
It work fine but now the sound not work.
The pulseaudio daemon does not start at the start of the phone and run csd command in terminal cause to reboot the phone.
I do not know how fix this problem.

Whoa, thanks for the tip on the new camera module availability. Do these need new kernel modules for Sailfish?


I haven’t heard of such issues before, assuming you have the correct android base on the device. When did you buy the phone? Did it have android 6 installed as new? Some of the latest devices might need to wait for the next Sailfish OS release.

The new camera module needs the latest kernel included in Android 6. So to use it you need to wait for my next Sailfish OS release.


I don’t remember that but i have installed sailfish os using an installer created by a user of this forum.
I have used this discussion to have it: SailfishOS on the Fairphone 2 - Images for installation
The fairphone that i bought was secondhand.


@mal do you have any bandwidth to provide blueborne security patch for sailfish fp2? it’s kinda scary.

I can include that to the next release, or if people really want it sooner then I can fix it for the current release so kernel could be manually updated via command line.

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I guess depends on the next release timeframe. If 4-8+ weeks away, perhaps updating the current kernel would make sense.

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Just in case someone wants to use the double tap to wake - I found a little workaround …

Install @coderus ‘Display Sneek Peak (LPM)’ patch (no mce tools required) and when you now take the device out of your pocket or flip it (when the display has been facing down …) LPM display mode will be enabled and you can wake up the whole OS by double tap …

It’s not the real thing, but at least no button is needed any more :wink:

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