Used Fairphone 3 with /e/ os

I am considering selling my FP3 which has /e/ on it. Phone shows many signs of use on case/edges, back cover has a crack and the headphone jack doesn’t work anymore (I’m considering replacing the top module as they are quite cheap). Otherwise in good working order.

I’ll try and post some pics later. In the meantime please feel free to comment on the going rate for this device in the above condition.


Edit - £100 + postage/insurance/currency conversion etc
see pics…

phone w/ bumper and screwdriver

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I would suggest 100€ and wouldn’t buy it for much more than 150€ personally (and I might be interested) :slight_smile:


Sounds reasonable. It would be nice to clear £100 for a sale so lets say I’ll let it go “as is” for £100 + postage/insurance/currency conversion etc (which looks to be around £20 to France), so somewhere in the region of 140-145€. Will confirm price if you want to proceed

See updated main post for pics


Scuffed corner

Side View

Cracked rear cover (I tried to superglue it together but its a bit messy!)

im interested as well…

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Remember that goods above €45 from UK to France can attract both TVA and import tax in some cases.

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I’m also interested and in the UK, should that make any difference (though appreciate others have expressed an interest first :slightly_smiling_face: ).

Is this still for sale? I am interested in buying a second-hand Fairphone. I live in NZ so it’s a bit hard to get one but I am dedicated to the cause.
Would it be possible for me to buy a new part to ensure the phone headphone jack works.