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I’m in search of a Fairphone preferably secondhand. I’m wondering if anyone is looking to sell theirs, but if it would be possible to ship to the United States? I understand at this time FP is not currently in the states. So, I should probably ask if it would be supported being in the United States as well?

Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jane and welcome to the forum!

Have a look round. You’d need to check compatibility of the FP model with local providers’ networks, but there are FPs in the States.

See specifications:

FP4, the latest model, seems to have good compatibility with T-Mobile for example:

For second-hand phones, also look round and keep coming back (click the “Offer” category), there are often people offering to sell, see this:

You will either have to buy from a Vendor or have a friend in the EU/UK etc that can deal with Fairphone for you. Fairphone will not post to the US ~ so second hand is a stretch.

You can have a look at, although they don’t have the FP3 listed at the moment.

I am selling my fairphone 3 with both upgraded camera modules. £150 plus postage to the US. 18 months old. fully functional. No scratches or cracks. comes with tools and bumper case and fairphone case, all black. All original packaging and boxes. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks

You may like to move this to the Market category, and why selling to the USA ??

It’s already there.

Because the Threadstarter is living there, I guess :wink:.


Hello, thank you for your reply. I am interested in purchasing. May I please see photos of the current product with the date displayed on the phone screen as well?

Also, how much would shipping be?

Thank you!


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