Use outlook app or sync outlook with gmail?

I’m trying to setup my new FP2 to work the way I like. For one thing - over the last year I have tried to move away from my gmail-accounts to mail on my own fastmail-account and an Office 365 account (work). Did not realise FP2’s Android now seems to want me to move back to google again…

I can use two separate mail-apps (fastmail and Outlook both have one) - but of course I’d like to integrate contacts and especially calendars. What should I do? Go for the easy route, give up on all my hesitations wrt Google and add each account to the local gmail apps? Or can I use the Outlook (of fastmail app) and add the other fastmail (Outlook) account to that app. But then: what are the consequences?

I cannot oversee what is possible and which route is most advisable. Any help would be appreciated!

I am not sure if I understood right.
But basically you don’t need to use gmail or the gmail app. I have actually deactivated the gmail app, as I do not use gmail for my mails.

I think with your fastmail account you should be able to use the imap protocol for syncing your mails, for your office365 account exchange will probably do it.

So the way to check is going to settings and to accounts, and to add an account. There you should find the possibilities to add an exchange account as well as an imap account, and for both you can use the already installed email client (I think the app is also simply called email), and you will have both email addresses in one client.

That should do it.

When the accounts have been added, it should also be possible in the preinstalled calender and contact apps to sync these from your exchange (office365 account), imap, as far as I know, does not support calendar and contact sync, only emails.

That’s real quick. Thanks!

So, I immediately removed the gmail app. That’s good.
I also managed to feed the Fastmail into the standard email-app.

Now struggling with the Calendar and Contacts. There, Fastmail needs to help, because it seems I need to do something with CalDAV and CardDAV sync… Posted a question in their forum, so hopefully, in not too long a time, I can use everything in combination…

If you want to sync your contacts and calendar with calddav and carddav, you’ll need another app.

For this purpose I use DAVdroid, but there are numerous other apps available as well.
(edit: for DAVdroid to work properly to sync calendars you fist need to have Tasks installed.)

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I’ve come one step further: fastmail syncs with email, calendar and contacts on my phone. That’s nice.
Now I’m still left with the Outlook app…

When, for example, in Contacts I select ‘visible contacts’ (not sure about the english words, I’m using the Dutch version), and then select “Outlook” - I do not see any of the outlook contacts at all? I haven’t got a clue, so any help, as always: appreciated!

I am using GMail as my main email application (the default Email app doesn’t support multiple From adresses), and was unable to add an Exchange account in GMail, while it work in the default Email app.

The problem seems to come from Exchange Services. After I installed a different version of Exchange Services alongside the FP2 bundled one, I was able to add an Exchange account in GMail.

Is there a reason the bundled Exchange Services seem to work only for the Email app? If it’s only a matter of updating Exchange Services to a newer version, can I make a feature request?

Just setting up FP2 as I´ve done with 40 smartphonetypes before (Testingunit). Realizing, that after one incomplete Sync of 3012 contacts (2800 have been taken), sync is incomplete and almost nothing can be found, even it should be in the set.

Repeat new setups resulted in no sollution of this effect.


I am trying to get my work email account set up on my phone. It’s Exchange. I enter all the information then it thinks and says ‘couldn’t open connection to server’. Can anyone help??



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